Inter-University eSports Championship 2018 Crown New Champs


For the third consecutive year, the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018 took place at Trace Expert City. Held from the 21st to the 22nd of April 2018, the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018 featured teams from around 34 state and private universities across Sri Lanka for 2 days of intense matchmaking.

The University that secured the most amount of wins in games would walk away with the honor of being recognized as the winner of the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018.

First Impressions are important

Walking into the Hall at Trace Expert City, the first thing that was noticeable was the giant stage that had been set up along with an accompanying giant LED screen as well. This would be where the semi-finals and Final matches of the games at the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018 would be screened. The hall was divided into equal areas for both team games as well as individual titles. The middle of the hall was a dedicated seating area where both gamers, geeks, and spectators could sit and watch the games.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018Apart from the tournament games, there were also a few stalls from vendors such as Red Dot Geek with both gamer and geek merchandise on sale. These included gaming posters, action figures, key tags, chains and rare comic books as well. If you were in the mood for a snack or drink, those too were seen to the courtesy of Snow Monkey and a food stall as well.

Day 01 of Inter-University eSports Championship 2018

Kicking off from Day 01, all games played at the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018 was indeed quite competitive. For example, in the case of CS:GO, where all matches including the Finals were played on Day 01, the final match was between Team Outlaws from BCAS and Team HRBBM from ICBT. From the get-go, BCAS seemed to have the upper hand, seemingly outplaying and outgunning Team ICBT in all their maneuvers.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018However, Team ICBT wasn’t about to throw in the towel so easily. Despite the fact that Team BCAS only needed one more point to secure the round with their score at 15 and ICBT at 6, ICBT turned the game around, bringing the score to 10-15. Sadly, their victory was short lived and Team BCAS secured one more victorious round, securing a win for game one of the CS:GO Finals at the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018.

Round 2 was the complete opposite of round one, with ICBT Team HRBBM taking the lead against Team Outlaws of BCAS. There were spam shots, a few failed ‘nades and also a few more trick shots from both teams. Both teams were relentless in their pursuit of victory. Team HRBBMwase particularly good at picking off the members of the opposing team and secured Round 2 in favor of ICBT, making the overall score 1-1.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018Round 3 was a close one with both teams going neck and neck, both in terms of individual kills and overall scores as well. In the end, with a final score of 16-11, ICBT emerged victorious and racked up 3 points in the overall score of the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018.

Legends never die

Similarly, League of Legends too was held on Day 01 with Team Inters from SLIIT going up against Java Institute in the finals. Here too, matches were well played with each team taking their time to farm up to purchase powerful items. Apart from that, the teams also used a number of heroes with skillshots and rapid successive combos to bring down enemies.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018In comparison to games such as CS:GO and Call of Duty, League of Legends does require a lot more time. This is because champions in game need to farm experience and gold in order to level up to unlock new skills and also to purchase items that would give them that extra edge. That being said, the final matches were anything but boring. The way the teams picked and outpicked champions and the way they stuck together was reminiscent of professional tournaments. Ganks and 1v1 duels were well executed from both teams. In the end, the clear winner was SLIIT, giving them 3 points on the overall scoreboard at the Inter University eSports Championship 2018.

On to day 02 of Inter-University eSports Championship 2018

Day 02 of the Inter University eSports Championship 2018 was where the rest of the finals of the games happened. Overwatch, for example, had SLIIT Team No SR going up against APIIT Team CrackWatch at the finals. The finals, being a Best of 5 were a mix of King of the Hill and Payload.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018From the beginning of the games, SLIIT’s strongest players Shalitha “Acelord” Chandraratne and Himanshu “Falsegod” Rajinda kept the APIIT team at bay, barely allowing them to come close without eliminating them. FalseGod’s Pharah made sure that justice did indeed rain from above, showering the APIIT team with a rocket barrage.

Moving the payload

Not to be outdone, Team APIIT counter picked for the Pharah and did their utmost to win. They gave it their all and must indeed be commended for that. In the end however, Team SLIIT proved far more superior than APIIT, winning 3 consecutive matches of the 5, emerging as the winner of the Overwatch title at the Inter University eSports Championship 2018, with Team APIIT coming in second place.

What would a hero truly need?

The Dota 2 Finals were another exciting set of matches with APIIT DoYouHaveADeatWish going up against NSBM BeaverBois. Both teams were more or less on par in terms of skill with professional eSports players being a part of both teams. Much like League of Legends, DOTA 2 too requires a lot of teamwork and concentration to get ahead in the game. You can’t just go head to head with a single hero without having the correct items and having the correct abilities powered up.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018

Things weren’t always peaceful though. There were moments when each team utterly decimated the other team and it seemed like the match was over, but with some quick comebacks, they were able to get the game in their favor. In the end, with no buybacks available for NSBM, APIIT was able to secure the win, claiming victory for DOTA 2 for the third consecutive year at the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018.

Answering the Call of Duty

On the side of Call of Duty, we had Team SLIIT going up against Team KDU. We saw a team from KDU also taking part at the Virtusa LAN Challenge as well. Although not the same team, both teams were impressive in the way that they held on to their objectives. Whilst SMG and rushers darted around the map trying to flush out the other team’s members,

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018Snipers provided support from above. Matches were essentially a mixture of people shooting, reloading, tossing frag grenades, and generally being as chaotic as possible, all in order to secure the win for their team. After an intense nail-biting round, SLIIT emerged victorious, claiming the title for Call of Duty 4 at the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018.

A specially designed force

Special Force 2, a game that has been gaining popularity in the local gaming scene had Team Allstars from BCAS going up against Team lmao from APIIT. Similar to how CS:GO and Call of Duty panned out, both teams played their roles to the best of their abilities. BCAS, however, outplayed, outgunned and outperformed APIIT, securing the win for them at the Inter University eSports Championship 2018.

Inter-University eSports Championship 2018Apart from the team titles, there were also 5 individual titles that were Injustice, Clash Royale, FIFA 18, Project Cars and Tekken. Given below are the winners and the runners-up.


  • Winner – Dion from SLIIT
  • Runner-up – Adil from IIT

Project Cars

  • Winner – JKLV – University of Peradeniya
  • Runner-up – Vihaga Ranasinghe from ESOFT


  • Winner – Rasim Naseer from APIIT
  • Runner-up – Ijaz Mafahir

Clash Royale

  • Winner – Angmar from University of Colombo
  • Runner-up – Daiya from University of Colombo

Injustice 2

  • Winner – Rashad Ameer
  • Runner-up – Danuka from Injustice 2

Alongside the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018, the Geek Avurudu Celebrations also took place. This too was met with great enthusiasm from geeks, cosplayers and gamers alike.

At the end of it all, once all the points were tallied up, SLIIT emerged victorious as the winners of the Inter-University eSports Championship 2018. In close second was APIIT, followed by the winner of the previous Inter-University eSports Championship, ICBT.

What happened at the Geek Avurudu Celebrations? Stay tuned and find out.


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