Interns’ Summit 2012


An internship period for the undergraduate youth is a critical tool for their successful future career. In building the “right” foundation for such a career, they require the “IDEAL” exposure and guidance. The undergraduate, the organization and the administrators of the university really need to understand the objectives and the goals of an internship programme.


The university can only provide their students the framework of theory but have limited access to resources to give and share an experience of the real world. Therefore, the main aim of an internship program is to “offer the opportunity for the young to acquire more fully the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions along with as much as possible, the experience needed to constitute a vocational identity”.

There are several areas of concern, when it comes to any intern going through their internship period.

What do the universities expect from an internship?

What kind of experience and exposure should be given to the interns according to the lecturer expectations?

What are the common issues faced by interns in the industry?

In most instances, internship becomes a journey in total darkness without having a clear idea of these concerns. The final outcome would be that the interns getting frustrated about their internship and ultimately the objectives of the program not being realized in a satisfactory manner. If we are to get the maximum use of internships for the Sri Lankan student community, we have to give serious thought to the core values of an internship programme.

Unfortunately, little attempt has been made to create emphasis on this topic among the concerned parties. Bearing in mind, the lack of opinion in this context, 99X Technology under its university initiative “Dotitude” has acted to fulfill the need of the hour.

‘Intern’s Summit 2012’ organized by the interns of 99X technology Ltd., will aim on creating a platform for the future technical interns, the university academics and the software industry personnel to discuss and understand the true meaning of internships.

The event will take place on 17th October 2012 at Lakshman Kadirgamar Center Auditorium, Colombo 07. The 3 hour summit starting at 4.30 will see interactive panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and experience sharing by past interns, making it an ideal opportunity to create the right essence among the right audience and to take software internship to the next level.

Interns’ summit academic panelists


Mrs. Vishaka Nanayakkara
Head of IT and Electrical Engineering
Northshore College of Business and technology


Lt.Col.Dr.Chandana Gamage
Head of Department
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Moratuwa


Dr.Dhammika Elkaduwe
Senior Lecturer
Computer Engineering
University of Peradeniya


Ms.Naomi Krishnarajah
Head of Department
Department of Computing
Informatics Institute of Technology


Mr.Hasitha Yaggahavita
technology Manager
99X technology


Note: Registrations are now closed.  Interns’ Summit can be found on Facebook


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