IronOne Unveils New Desktop Trading Application


Last Friday, IronOne Technologies unveiled their trading platform, ATrad desktop, at an exclusive gathering for leaders of key Sri Lankan stockbroking firms and the heads of long-standing partner firms.

If you’ve no idea what IronOne does, apart from having heard vague references to their name in certain circles, you’re not the only one. They do have an extensive client list, though, with Razorfish and Victoria’s Secret having given IronOne a big thumbs-up, as well as Maybank and other big names in the Asia-Pacific region. Millennium IT, who have been the poster-child for excellence in Sri Lankan IT for a while have recommended these guys to their customers, and they’re entering a memorandum of understanding with the London Stock Exchange as well.

Now, before this sounds too fangirly, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. ATrad has been around a while (around eight years) in its browser-based form (, facilitating stock trading for investors as well as having the capability to act as back-end for brokers. The browser-based solution for ATrad worked pretty well and clients were happy. ATrad Desktop, the new desktop application (obviously), which was showcased at the forum, has apparently been beta-tested by some of their customers, and according to them, they quite like what ATrad has got. There’s an excellent charting function, judging from what another client said.

IronOne’s Director and co-founder, Lakmini Wijesundara – herself a recent winner of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka’s ‘Female IT Leader’ award gives credit to the local talent that worked to create platform, adjusting to the intricacies (dare we say idiosyncracies?) of the Colombo Stock Exchange’s system. She says the company hires people who’ve shown creativity, flexibility and attention to detail, and that this makes it easier to go through the whole process of customising things the ceaseless checking that they have to do in their line of work.



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