Jaffna IT Week: Day Three – the Liveblog


jaffna it week

It’s 9.30 AM and we’re in Hotel Tilko, in Jaffna, in the auditorium. The reason we’re here is the IT/BPM export forum, which we yesterday referred to as the meat of Jaffna IT Week. We’ve got an introduction to the national IT/BPM strategy, case studies, discussions on ecosystems and more lined up within the next few hours.

Afterwards, there’s to be a workshop on entrepreneurship. The CEOs of some of Colombo’s leading tech firms have shown up – some last night, some rolling in in their Porches this morning. We’ve got our laptops out, the Hutch connection’s set up and giving us ‘net, and everybody’s settling in. Welcome to the third day of Jaffna IT Week – and our liveblog. Await updates in the space below.



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