The Kandy IT/BPM Week is happening


“Kandy is a good place to be” according to Chairman of SLASSCOM Mano Sekaram. Returning to the town of his boyhood, this time, he’s taking the entire IT industry with him. Yesterday, SLASSCOM and their partners for the event announced Kandy IT/BPM Week.

Mano Sekaram, Chairman of SLASSCOM speaking at the Kandy IT/BPM Media Launch (Image credits: SLASSCOM)
Mano Sekaram, Chairman of SLASSCOM speaking at the Kandy IT/BPM Media Launch (Image credits: SLASSCOM)

Scheduled for 10-12 June, this initiative is in line with SLASSCOM’s lofty ambitions for the home-grown Knowledge Industry. Returning to the country in the 2000’s he noted that the “industry’s total turnover was 50 Mil USD.” There’s been much forging ahead at full steam since, with the current aim of turning this number into 5Bil USD.

Programmes at regional IT weeks according to the Chairman are to have a catalytic effect in inspiring youth to take up careers or enhance theirs with IT. In building an inclusive hub, the goal of reaching out he says is so that flocking into Colombo isn’t necessary. Following the IT week 2014 in Jaffna he shares that the University of Jaffna has had sufficient intakes to establish a fully-fledged faculty on the subject.

The Kandy IT/BPM Week summarized
The Kandy IT/BPM Week summarized

Head- Capacity Forum SLASSCOM Subramaniam Muralidharen introduced the Future Careers programmes scheduled to be held on the 10th of June. Hoping to bring in almost 200 school level students, the event is to encourage students to pursue IT degrees and highlight the possible career options within the scope of IT at varying levels. Resorting to convince students and their parents to be open to alternative career options, SLASSCOM is taking an arsenal of industry professionals who have volunteered their time. Ranabima Royal College is to be the scene which could spark the country’s next big name on the 10th of June.

Director SLASSCOM Hariharan Padmanaban spoke about the Kandy BPM Conference. The conference will be held on 11th of June. The conference is aimed at engineering management, management and arts graduates of state universities. The aim of the conference is to expore undergraduates to Sri Lanka’s BPM industry and help them identify skills needed for a lucrative career in the industry. To that end, the organizers will be bringing many speakers that will provide a wealth of knowledge about the BPM industry and global trends.

IT/BPM Export Forum scheduled for 11th of June. The IT/BPM Export Forum is to be held for the students and faculty of the University of Peradeniya and other visiting universities at the Queens Hotel. Organized by the Export Development Board, this forum aims to share information on viable entrepreneurial ventures and how to obtain support from the government. Once again we’re told professionals attending these sessions are doing so pro bono.

There’s also an entrepreneurship workshop is aimed at those already running and medium- small scale operations, those planning to initiate start-ups and potential entrepreneurs at Queen’s Hotel. The focus of this workshop is to introduce the basics of entrepreneurship to everyone such as: building innovative products, finding a great team, obtaining funding, etc. The people sharing this information are said to successful entrepreneurs in Kandy and across the country.

A few of the many speakers that will be at the Kandy IT/BPM Week
A few of the many speakers that will be at the Kandy IT/BPM Week

The 12th of June is to see another event- the Kandy IT Conference. This is an event that is set to bring more professionals to speak to undergraduates about the ground-breaking work the local industry is embarking on. The conference is set to cover a wide variety of topics from future trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to how graduates can build a successful career in IT. Judging by the impressive list of speakers so far, we know this is conference will be a valuable learning experience.

“It’s time we moved out of the dolls for girls- trains for boys mindset” according to Chairperson of the ICTA, Chithranganie Mubarak. By now accustomed to being among the few females in the male-dominated industry she felt the inclusive dispatching of knowledge is key in achieving new industry heights. “I’m not an IT person at all” she admitted, however, there’s much to lose in ignoring its inescapable encroachment within other careers.

Chairperson of the Export Development Board, Indra Malwatta also felt a shift from the conventional exports of “Rubber-coconuts and tea” is changing. Commending the industry for its self- propelled growth and minimal reliance on the government she felt the investments of this nature will in the future make for “far better exports than what we export now.”

Needless to say, June looks like it’s going to be an exciting time to visit Kandy. If it’s going to be anything like the Jaffna IT Week we saw last year, then we know this is going to be a game-changing event. Pack your bags and make your reservations folks, the IT/BPM giants are heading to Kandy. For more details about this initiative check out:


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