Kaspersky Launches Small Office Security 4 In Sri Lanka


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You’ve heard of Kaspersky right? Of course you have, who hasn’t? Well, have you heard of Avian Technologies? No it’s not a company that deals with birds. It’s actually the local distributor of Kaspersky Labs products.

In addition to providing solutions for regular consumers, Kaspersky Labs also offers products aimed at SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) such as their Small Office Security 4 suite. The latest iteration of KSOS titled Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 was launched yesterday. Held at the Ramada Hotel, the event showcased the newest innovations in Kaspersky’s new product aimed at businesses with fewer than 25 employees.

Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab South Asia took to the stage as the speaker for the evening. He was accompanied by Ranil Francisco and Buddhika Liyanage, Directors of Avian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.


Altaf explained how enterprises require a different type of security rather than traditional security methods. He went on to explain that a security suite should not only protect the business, but also help with optimizing business processes. Using examples, he explained how the KSOS4 can be put to use by anyone in a business, regardless of their IT proficiency.

Speaking of the technologies used by KSOS4, Altaf explained how the new product brings in more advanced capabilities to handle all the IT security concerns without compromising on the ease of usability. The product can provide protection for Windows and Mac based desktops and laptops, Windows File Servers and even Android smartphones and tablets.

It also boasts protection technologies such as Anti-malware anti-spam, anti-phishing, KSN cloud protection, network attack blocker and a system watcher.


With regard to protecting businesses, the application protects against known and unknown and advanced malware threats. It also boasts ease of management in terms of a cloud based console. As such, it can monitor employee activities and system logs to monitor what applications and resources are being used, and by whom. You can monitor device protection and security settings and it even provides you with easy license processing and provide financial protection via the Safe Money feature.

For added security, it allows you to create a secure partition whose contents are fully encrypted on a file and folder level. It also adds a backup and restore feature which can be managed from a centralized console. The backups can even be processed via FTP or DropBox. Cloud based password management allows you store all your passwords in an encrypted vault locked by a master password.

With regard to performance, you would think that all these features would bog down your PC to a crawl. Apparently not, Altaf says. The technology used in KSOS 4 has been globally recognized for its low power consumption and has also won many awards and reviews as having the best performance for 2014.


Kaspersky Labs as a whole caters to over 400 million users worldwide with 250,000 corporate users worldwide.  In addition they are the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions.


The event concluded with Kaspersky’s Mission statement laid out for us to see and afterwards, the audience (ourselves included) were invited for cocktails and food and we were also given complimentary umbrellas and coincidentally enough, it did rain a bit on the way home. But it was all good, we were protected by Kaspersky in the end.


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