Why Kindle?


So for those who don’t know (which wouldn’t be as many!) a Kindle is an eReader. Amazon had them out first, followed by Barnes and Noble’s “Nook” or vice versa and of course a whole load of other eReaders that followed by Sony and a few others as stated here. In case you were thinking of getting one, let me give you a few reasons as to why I got one and the achievement of the said expectation almost two years later.


a) I used to be a reader, an ardent one at that but other distractions came my way and I found myself completing reading books less frequently.

b) The only times I got to read was while eating (bad habit, I know) or while travelling (until motion sickness starts!) and during those times it was difficult to manoeuvre a book, especially with a plate of rice, unless you use cutlery and of course, and the trouble of an additional weight to your (hand)bag.

c) I found myself physically going out ‘less’ to buy books, clothes etc as online shopping proved to be easier and of course eBooks were available online!

d) Finally, I had taken a liking towards eBooks, so why not?


Tab or Reader?

The next big question that bothered me was tab or reader?

I browsed through countless sites, read dozens of reviews and asked from friends who owned both or either for their opinion and user experience. I made the decision finally to get myself a Kindle because:

a) I genuinely wanted to read more and due the Kindle’s limited functionalities (this was before Kindle Fire and Paperwhite) I knew the reading would take place. Also, as it was not touchscreen, I didn’t have to worry about flipping to wrong page by mistake etc.

b) Academic reading was increasing and most academic material is available via PDF so it was a piece-of-cake to convert them to .MOBI

c) The size of the Kindle was perfect to hide amidst your notebook read during a boring class or even during a presentation instead of cue cards.

d) My laptop usually went where I did and so did my phone and thus, didn’t necessarily need something in between that did almost the same thing.

e) India (where I was then) actually delivered a Kindle to your doorstep for cash-on-delivery and the conversion came to only LKR 15,000!


In Retrospect

The ride with my Kindle thus far has been a good one.


  • I’ve read a few books including one that I completed during a countless number of ‘lunch hours’.
  • My Kindle has saved me from lunch dates by myself, where you genuinely want to treat yourself to fancy lunch and a good read.
  • As for its scope of being portable, I cannot stress enough. Imagine having nearly fifty books with you, always?
  • The Kindle allows 2GB of space which I assumed would not be enough but upon conversion to .MOBI, I find it difficult to load it as expected.
  • For the OCD few (as myself) it allows you to create categories and this works fantastic if you are reading through a series like A Song of Ice and Fire or to even group your research papers together.


Getting Yourself a Kindle? Good.

If you are in Sri Lanka and fancy getting yourself a Kindle, there are three options afaik: Kapruka (because they get stuff down for you I am told?); shipping it direct from Amazon or if you have a relative, friend uhm neighbour coming down to SL from the ‘Western’ world or India! The reliability of each of these sources however, I cannot guarantee, perhaps Google can help but I am not too sure.

As for why anyone shouldn’t get themselves a Kindle, I do not know. I suppose if you miss paperback and are one of those people who dig the smell of paper (which I too like but am willing to compromise on) or have an aversion towards eReads as a whole well I suppose the Kindle is not for you. But for the others, if you do want to experiment what you are getting yourself into, there is a Kindle app that you could download and play around with before going for the real deal.


  1. I’d been using Kindle Paperwhite for some long time and the ride was kinda all right. Then I felt I really needed something more for chronic reading in my hols and I toyed for sometime with friends’ Kindle DXes, Fire HDXes and some Nooks. Finally I realised Nook HD+ was the best for me and settled for it [9 inches, 165 USD from Amazon]. My suggestion is that you also consider Nook HD+ if you’re planning to use an ebook reader for longer hours of reading as this device comes with many enhanced features to offer a wonderful reading experience.

  2. Hi, just read this while browsing for info about kindles. If I buy direct from Amazon will I have any issues with connectivity here? Also, considering that the article was written in 2014, do you have any recommendation for the newer versions? For instance is it better to get a paperwhite or a fire?


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