Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak begins


Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak was initiated with the vision to help out individuals who have an idea and convert that into something worth millions. The program is focused on helping out people with ICT ideas who do not have a platform to showcase it. Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak is powered by Mobitel and will be broadcasted as a reality program on Sirasa TV. More information about the program and about its initial press release event is in our previous article.

The orientation

The orientation program for the applicants took place at Trace Expert City on Sunday, 21st of August. This is where the applicants were briefed with the mechanics of the TV show and what is expected out of them. Akalanka De Silva who is a Product Service Innovation Engineer at Mobitel spoke on how Mobitel had the urge to empower people with ideas in the field of ICT. He shared with everyone how such a platform is what the country needs and how Mobitel understood that this is the time that such a program should exist.

Chandana Sooriyabandara - Channel Head of Sirasa TV (Image credits: Vihanga Kariyawasam)
Chandana Sooriyabandara – Channel Head of Sirasa TV (Image credits: Vihanga Kariyawasam)

Chandana Sooriyabandara, who is the Channel Head of Sirasa TV also shared his view on how Mobitel and Sirasa joined hands to present the country with a reality TV show where it’s purely not just for entertainment but also a show where the participants are mentored and guided on how to take their ideas to the next level. Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak will not just be documenting their journey throughout the show in the reality TV show format but will actually do much more than that. Helping the participants with the right business insight, mentorship, sponsors, marketing are just a handful of the things the program will do in order to turn the participant from a guy with an idea in his/her mind to an outright entrepreneur.

Dr. Prathibha Mahanama (Image credits: Vihanga Kariyawasam)
Dr. Prathibha Mahanama (Image credits: Vihanga Kariyawasam)

The other problem which the participants had on their mind was the law aspect of the whole program and how it will work out with their idea. All of the law related doubts which the participants had were cleared off by Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa who said that the ideas presented are safe under the intellectual property act. He also guided the participants present that day on how they should proceed to register their ideas so that no one else can claim that it’s theirs. The other important thing which he mentioned that he and his associates will be helping all of the participants with legal matters and that the program will ensure that the owners with the ideas will not come across any sort of complications.

Afterward there was a Q&A session for the applicants who had questions about the program. These were answered on stage by Chandana Sooriyabandara and Prabath Gamage, General Manager at Mobitel. At the end of that, the contestants had to obtain their registration numbers along with the details about the auditions and proceed with the program.

The auditions

Preliminary auditions or round 1 auditions for that matter, took place from the 22nd to the 25th of August. Around 70 contestants came forward for auditions on each of these days. Among these contestants were school students, retired citizens, professionals from the corporate sector and some even traveled from remote rural communities of Sri Lanka in order to present their ideas.

What made these auditions even better was that there was even a partially blind person who auditioned and got selected for the next round. However, not everybody was lucky enough to get selected. Some were put on a pending list, for which they did not fail to present their displeasure about.

Notable Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak contestants

Among the contestants, there were some who presented ideas which managed to fill the judges with excitement. One of those individuals was Dhanushka Amarasekekara who invented an electronic purifier which can purify harmful chemicals out of the water. This can particularly be used as an effective method to clean waters in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa area. He even brought a sample of water from Polonnaruwa and used his invention to prove that it works.

Samantha Kumara Fernando speaking at the Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak auditions (Image credits: Lahiru Perera)
Samantha Kumara Fernando speaking at the Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak auditions (Image credits: Lahiru Perera)

Samantha Kumara Fernando was another contestant who invented a light-weight vehicle, which can be particularly useful for disabled people as well. What made the invention even more exciting is that he made it all by himself and he does not have hands.

What’s next?

The program will definitely help people with ICT ideas to contribute to the emerging technology sector in Sri Lanka. It is great to see such a program setting stage for people to showcase Sri Lanka’s capability to outrun the global ICT sector. Round 1 is complete and Round 2 is now underway until the 3rd of September. This is where 24 contestants will be chosen from 150 in order to proceed to the next round. Stay tuned to watch Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak telecasting on Sirasa TV.


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