Five Labs’ Facebook Analysis Tool is Viral Stuff


Have you ever wondered what impression people get of you when they scroll through your Facebook timeline? After all you can tell a lot from a person by scrolling through their social media profile, and in this age of social media, it’s often wise to know how people see you. This is where Five labs comes in. We’ve been seeing this pop up time and time again on our social circles this week: here’s what it does.


Five labs is a free tool. As you can see from the above image, it’s a simple and beautifully designed website that analyses your Facebook posts and tells you what kind of personality you have.

It works by collecting your Facebook posts and then analyzing the language you have used in the posts and predicting your personality based on the Big Five Traits theory. The Big Five Traits theory gives weight to 5 characteristics – Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Openness – in order to identify what kind of personality you have.


So onto the big question: how accurate is it?

We won’t say it’s 100% accurate, since no two people are exactly alike – so how people do perceive you can vary. Nonetheless, we would say the accuracy of Five Labs in predicting your “online” personality is at 70-80% according to our spot-tests. Surprisingly high for any form of automated analysis like this. Note, however, that it’s practically useless if you have just five or six status updates – it tends to be completely out of kilter then. Also, this is your Facebook personality it’s measuring – not who you are offline: for some people, the two may be quite different.


A fun feature of Five Labs is that it allows you to compare your personality with that of your friends or celebrities and see how similar your personalities are based on the individual personality tests. Simply select your friend or celebrity from the column on the left to view their personality test and click on the compare to me button to see the comparison. Take these comparisons with a pinch of salt. Bill Gates has only a few hundred words on Facebook. Nevertheless, it is a rather eye-opening tool and definitely a far cry from the usual glut of tests out there. The inner narcissist in me is surprised.


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