What We Found at The First Lanka ComicCon


“Machan you are be kidding me, ComicCon in SL? Is this for real?” well that’s how one of my friends reacted when he was told about the first Lanka Comic-Con. It is an event geeks have waited patiently for ages and a dream come true for many. We were at BMICH throughout the last weekend and looking at what we were witnessing right in front of our own eyes, we too had our second thoughts; is this for real. Lanka ComicCon probably is the first event ever that brought together a mind-blowing number of geeks together to one single roof in this paradise island.

Photo Courtesy: Malshan Gunawardane

Alongside the Sri Lanka Cyber Games, better known as SLCG; Gamer.lk in partnership with the Geek club of Sri Lanka gave life to the first ever ComicCon to be held in SL. Technically these guys were there during the previous year’s SLCG14 but this time things went to the next level that it became a ComicCon.

Things started last Friday evening and from there onwards it was one absolute domination by a geek nation at every comer of the BMICH. It wouldn’t be incorrect if we were to say that the cosplayers escalated the whole ComicCon to a limit that this particular became the talk of the town in one night. If you happened to miss it, don’t worry a bit since we got you covered. This is what happened at Lanka ComicCon.


Let’s start off with the most interesting segment which broke the Internet, literally. Yes, we are talking about the amazing cosplayers we saw. Last year we saw a handful, this year there were more than 100 plus participants who cosplayed this time. From superheroes to supervillains and then to characters from video games, it was surely eye candy.

Some even had spent months to prepare their costumes, making things to their exact scales. Now that’s attention to detail. Some mimicked the personalities, pure talent. In appreciation of their efforts, the Geek Club selected the best cosplayers under several titles in the cosplay competition.

Collage LCC
Photo credits: Lanka ComicCon

According to the organizers, these winners have been handpicked based mainly on three grounds:

  1. How much the cosplayers physically resembled the actual characters
  2. The amount of time and trouble that went into making a detailed costume (as opposed to renting/buying off the shelf)
  3. Whether or not the cosplayer actually portrayed the personality of the character they were cosplaying.

If you want to see a more thorough list of cosplayers, then check out our article here.


If you aren’t so familiar with the geek culture, you will find them like people of all ages playing Pokemon Cards. There aren’t boundaries as such when it comes to table top games. Who doesn’t love them? The tricky part is that you WILL lose the track of time once you sit down for these. We easily lost 2 hours playing them.

Photo Courtesy: Malshan Gunawardane

We saw Rider Viper last year running a Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon Trading Card Game matches, well this time he was the man in charge of them. Yugioh stayed the featured game throughout the ComicCon. In fact, there was a YuGiOh Geeks Battle Tournament happening.

Next most popular one was Exploding Kittens. People crowded around tables on all the three days to play this. There were multiple other board games happening and people were also welcomed to bring their own games. On the third day, there was a Dungeons and Dragons game for kids. The game was supposed to go for 2 hours which apparently ended up going for more than 4 hours.

Something that needs a special mention is the “Stop Bashar!” which was a 3D model table top game that took a couple of entire tables.

Photo Courtesy: Malshan Gunawardane

There were few other board games like “Cthulhu Wars”; which is a strategy board game in which the players take the part of alien races and gods and “Last Night on Earth” which is a zombie game. Just like every other game we saw, it also ate our time.

Goodies, Artists, and the Flea Market

ComicCon wasn’t just about the games and the Cosplay, there were a lot of geek goodies and merchandise to grab. All the way from T-shirts to cool posters and even hand drawn paintings.

Photo Courtesy: Malshan Gunawardane

The Pruve collective were in attendance there this time as well, featuring their two comic series Chathurmana; a comic inspired by true events of history and based on the legend of “Mahasona” and the beautiful comic (well the charming girl mean) titled Tikiri Leah.

Photo Courtesy: Malshan Gunawardane

We also came across quite a few talented local artists and writers. One of them was Suraaj de Silva, who we found to be live sketching and giving away free hugs.

Photo Courtesy: Malshan Gunawardane

The flea market happened on Sunday. It was an open call to anyone to come sell. It too turned out good that one stall which was selling board games and stuff went empty when we took a trip around SLCG and came back after around an hour.

Lexicons Magazine

This is something that needs some attention. Lexicons is Sri Lanka’s first and only science fiction and fantasy magazine published in English. It is a platform for local writers and artists; both established and young to showcase their talent. Speaking with Thilani Samarasinha; one of the organizers of Lanka ComicCon, we found out that some of these writers come from international backgrounds.

They have printed the third volume as a special edition in celebration of Lanka ComicCon which was available to be purchased throughout the weekend. However, if you are still interested in buying or keen to know more you can drop them a mail at [email protected].

What Else Happened? 

Well, there were actually so much of things happening throughout the last weekend. On the entrance to the ComicCon, we had face painting, in case you forgot your costumes at home (Nah, we are just kidding). For those that hadn’t gotten a chance to see how reels of plastic burns into miniature 3D objects, well we had a small 3D printer at work.

The Geek Club of Sri Lanka in association with Ceylon Theaters also gave out tickets to Geek Club members and the participants of the ComicCon for an Exclusive Premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Well there you have it folks

Every time the Geek Club took huge leaps, growing into host the first ever ComicCon in Sri Lanka. One of the key people behind all of these; Navin Weeraratne replying us that whether we can expect an independent ComicCon next time with regard to the hundreds of people showing up said that they have no idea of going for a solo, separate to SLCG. But he promised the next one will be a lot bigger. Let’s start counting days and preparing our cosplays.


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