Here’s everything the Lanka Government Network connects


Following the steps of Infotel 2017, where the theme was to move towards a digital economy, Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe launched the Lanka Government Network which would connect 3,500 state institutions to a single national backbone.

What is the Lanka Government Network?

Well, quite simply put, the Lanka Government Network or LGN is a project to unite all Government establishments using a single network. In order for Sri Lanka to move towards a more digital economy, it is important that all government services be available to the general public in a digital manner.

At the launch, the Prime Minister went on to explain that the Lanka Government Network will be used for running administrative tasks of the country. This would begin from 2018 and a fully integrated system will be developed and implemented within the next 3 years by 2020.

Lanka Government Network
Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe at the Launch of LGN 2.0
Image Credits: DailyFT

The Lanka Government Network is a collaboration between the Ministry of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, the ICT Agency and Sri Lanka Telecom, people can not only visit state establishments to obtain services, they can even get services online, making it hassle free.

What will the Lanka Government Network work for?

Thus far, 862 state establishments will be added to the network as the initial stage. As such, these establishments include 331 Divisional Secretariat Divisions, 25 District Secretariats, 50 ministries, 87 departments, 48 hospitals and 321 other state establishments.

The Prime Minister said that once the Grama Niladhari Officers are provided with tablets, the networking will be officially completed. This also means that Government officials would have the greater mobility in working as they can get work done through their mobile phones and tablets from their own homes.

Adding to this, Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure said that while the network would also eliminate wastage, he also plans to implement a video conferencing functionality to every state establishment.



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