Lankan-built Website An Unprecedented Success, Scores Millions of Views at Launch


Maya Creations (@webdesignlanka) is having a field day. The little web design firm has just scored huge: their latest creation, – a Shahrukh Khan fansite endorsed by the Bollywood star himself – earns the honor of perhaps being the most popular website ever crafted by a Sri Lankan team, scoring a staggering 10 million hits within just five hours of launch.


According to the team’s blog, “There was no control, there was no order. Hits came pouring down and the server got slower by the second until it crashed eventually. We got our team together. Added a whole new server infrastructure within minutes including a 8GB RAM server and a load balancer to divert traffic and got the site back to its feet within the first hour. Still we could measure 6+ lakhs plus visits in the first 20 minutes and the word got out that the site is back. Again we were hit with a bucket load of visits. This time the servers stood their ground and stood well. One of the most remarkable projects we’ve been part of is now available for the entire world to see.

A shout out to the team at Maya Creations for what is undoubtedly an unprecedented win for Sri Lankan web design.


  1. I hired them to do a website for me. Its not perfect, but they can get the job done.
    What’s disappointing is how they treat clients before and after taking the payment.
    Before taking the payment, they will fix the site error fast, reply to emails instantly.
    But after, you are lucky if you get a reply to an email in less than a week. That’s also if you send a dozens of reminders.

    They know what they are doing, but their customer service is poor than zero.


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