The Lankan Gamer #3: What We Really Want From the Next Gen


The so called Next Gen era is upon us. As usual, gamers all over have high hopes for new experiences delivered through new and existing IPs – graphics, new game mechanics, better AI, cloud integration, new matchmaking techniques and the list goes on. However, let’s take a look at what we really want – as Lankan gamers.

Better Server Support


Multiplayer is an increasingly vital part of game design these. Unfortunately, multiplayer gaming comes with its own set of problems. As Sri Lanka, we have server issues almost every day. The biggest gift for our gamer community would be to enable us to set up our own servers. Now from a business perspective it’s hard to imagine that we have enough legitimate players playing to justify having official servers locally, but hey, our own servers?

Let’s download this month

The new generation of games come with with increasingly large download requirements for gamers. Developers seem to be ignoring the bandwidth and data cap realities in countries like ours. As we discussed earlier, our internet users are severely data capped and for most, downloading a single next gen game could mean spending their entire data quota for the month.

A part of the problem is that with higher resolution textures and other in-game assets, the games grow in size, but there’s often unnecessary luggage that comes with a game packaged for download. Titanfall, which came with a ridiculous 21GB download, released with all language packs pre-packaged –  frankly useless to us. It would be greatly beneficial to us if the devs focused on smarter delivery options.  This is critical for us because the majority of the PC gamers who buy games rely entirely on digital distribution.

Frag in Rupees


This thing totally comes under the wishful thinking category, but wouldn’t it be great to have proper standardized local pricing where we can pay directly in Sri Lankan Rupees with adjusted pricing? This would definitely help more people to avoid piracy and embrace the legitimate path of gaming and greatly improve the online gaming community. Again the size of the existing market in Sri Lanka would be the biggest obstacle for this to happen.

Let’s go Sri Lanka!

Apart from Ghost Recon Predator, we haven’t seen a single significant game based in Sri Lanka. Let alone an official Sri Lankan faction in games like Civlization. It would be really cool for us to have a game based in Sri Lanka – with properly researched authentic content. Local game devs have tried and failed in the past, but a game coming from a big publisher could have been pretty awesome. I mean, imagine the next Far Cry set in a Sri Lanka-ish setting. This could totally work.


Scalable System Requirements

With the new generation of games increasing in visual fidelity, AI, Physics and so on, the system requirements for the PC games are also sky rocketing. We’re seeing more and more games locked in for DX11 along with increased requirements for RAM and Processing power. However, as much of Sri Lanka usually lags behind the specs curve, it would be highly beneficial to us if the system requirements scaled so that lower end PCs can also play them. Titanfall has been a terrific example of this – and even the sublime Witcher 2, which is considered a graphical masterpiece in the last generation scaled incredibly well. More careful optimizations for the PC platform would be very welcome unlike some lazy console ports we have seen.

The truth is that we are still a small community, and we’ve got a long way to go before we grab the attention of the big game publishers and developers. Still, imagine…


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