Lankans excel on the latest from the Silicon Valley


Mobile technology is disrupting traditional purchasing methods and is revolutionizing the retail landscape around the world. As a Silicon Valley based Sri Lankan software company, Leapset is very much a part of this changing landscape and continues to be a forerunner in the industry due to its unique market strategy, superior domain knowledge and intellectual know-how.


Leapset is a platform that runs on a variety of hardware and enables third parties to create custom applications based on individual business needs. The factors responsible for the ongoing success of Leapset are technological expertise and the team’s ability to adapt to the world’s latest technologies, with frequent insights in to consumer behavior, technological trends and usage. Leapset developers based in Sri Lanka work in close collaboration with the product management and technical teams in Silicon Valley and gain exposure to the latest technologies as soon as they emerge. The team thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced and performance orientated culture which espouses teamwork, open communication, flexibility and trust as core company values.


One of the key success factors that have contributed to the fast adoption of new technologies has been the employee rotation program. This pioneering arrangement enables employees based in Sri Lanka to spend a few months training in the Silicon Valley, giving them exposure and insight into technologies as well as a deeper understanding of the product and specific customer requirements. Employees also get a unique opportunity to visit the campus style facilities of high-tech Silicon Valley companies located near Leapset’s Redwood City headquarters. Employees are also given the opportunity to participate in Silicon Valley tech conferences in order to stay abreast of the latest innovations – this arrangement fosters creativity and many new product enhancements have resulted from new ideas contributed by Sri Lankan team members. The team has been able to adapt to the ever changing technological landscape and continue to exceed expectations


The Leapset solution is largely developed using open source technologies enabling efficiency and flexibility while allowing greater independence to users at a lower cost. A significant component of the core product is built using a combination of technologies making it easily adoptable; this also allows a speedier development and enables product updates to be released to consumers at a much faster rate. Leapset also has a dedicated and fast growing mobile practice focused on developing solutions for online and mobile platforms platforms; the product suite contains multiple consumer applications on iOS and Android platforms that bridge the gap between online consumers and offline merchants.


The solution promotes interaction and efficiency – two of the key drivers in the alliance between consumers and merchants. By integrating and building software in collaboration with leading companies such as Paypal and Google, Leapset allows users to earn rewards for making frequent purchases at local merchant establishments. Check-ins are also possible to multiple social networks like Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter in order to expedite future online orders.


A number of Leapset applications run on the cloud enabling merchant and consumer data to be stored and updated on a real time basis. This facilitates easy access and efficient management of both the merchant’s online ordering and restaurant based transactions on the Leapset system. Other features of the Leapset product include integrated payment processing, online gift and reward systems, data mining capabilities with trend analysis, interactive menu management as well as automated and real time communication with merchants and consumers.


The cloud also enables Leapset to cope with growing demands and makes use of virtual server space to facilitate scalability. Internal monitoring tools such as analysis dashboards, merchant health check systems and real time alerts also run on the cloud. These tools enable seamless backup and restoration and assist the application support team based in Sri Lanka to perform continuous system monitoring and perform upgrades on a 24×7 basis. The teams have been able adopt and continue to exceed expectations.


Leapset’s technical and domain expertise offers many benefits to clients and allows them to adapt to changing business practices triggered by the shift in consumer preferences and behavior. The Leapset solution thus provides merchants and consumers all the necessary benefits: minimal cost, ease of use, superior performance and most of all a rewarding experience. 


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