Lean Startup Machine unlocked for Colombo, needs your help


Lean Startup Machine’s a great event for any budding entrepreneurs out there: it’s hackathon of sorts – without the actual coding. Think of it as high-intensity workshop for businesses and entrepreneurs. In hackathon fashion, attendees get into teams and world on a new idea – something that’s viable from the a business perspective. Then (in an Apprentice-like twist), teams go into a “Get Out Of the Building” mode where they go after real customers and collect actual currency to validate their product and idea.The whole point is to teach a very practical, problem-centric approach to business ideation, and from where we’re standing look like an excellent boot camp for anyone involved in a startup.

Unlike other events, however, Lean Startup Machine is inviting people to step up and help put all of this together for Colombo – in fact, it needs people as attendees, Media Partners, mentors, speakers, sponsors and event organizers. If you’re passionate about helping local startups get their game on, and feel like taking a crack at organizing something like this, head over to https://www.leanstartupmachine.com/cities/colombo.

It may not be easy to put things together, but judging by what we’ve seen, there’s no shortage of great individuals in Sri Lanka who can be mentor and guide on something like this: we’ve had a few of them attend our Tech Startups meet some time ago. There’s always plenty of stories to share and people to share them. There are already some 360+ people subscribed. If you’re curious, here’s a pretty interesting video testimonial – a short case study of sorts.


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