Leapset Engineering is now Cake Labs


The iconic tech office on Flower Road has a new name. At first glance, it looks like a baker has moved in, but upon closer inspection you’ll find it’s still a tiny hub of innovation. After having changed its name in the US from Leapset to Cake, the Silicon Valley firm’s engineering arm, Leapset Engineering, has officially been renamed and branded as Cake Labs.

The iconic Flower Road office with it's new face (Photo credits: CAKE LABS)
The iconic Flower Road office with it’s new name (Photo credits: Cake Labs)

Leapset in our minds was a well reputed and established brand. Its cloud-based Cake platforms for restaurants has already processed over $1 billion dollars of transactions though it’s Point of Sale System. The Cake Guest Manager Reservation System has also managed reservations for 45 million guests.

So why exactly did Leapset rebrand themselves completely to Cake? According to Jorn Wossner- Vice President of Marketing at Cake, the name Leapset didn’t exactly have a great impact. For some, it was tough to pronounce and many people even confused it with another company known as LeapFrog.

After this realization, 2 months of hard work followed until they finalized the details of the Cake brand. There were many other names being considered, but Cake was the winner for five simple reasons. Those reasons are:

  1. It’s short and simple
  2. It’s suggestive and expandable
  3. It creates imagery
  4. It helps create an emotional connection
  5. It stands out

And that is how Leapset became CAKE.

Expressing his thoughts on the change, Shanil Fernando – Managing Director of Cake Labs and Senior Vice President of Engineering stated, “Rebranding Leapset Engineering to Cake Labs was an important and necessary step for us. It not only aligns us with the rebrand of our parent company, Cake but, more importantly, allows us to be a Silicon Valley-style company in Sri Lanka. In our engineering efforts, we use and implement the same leading edge technologies that companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google use, and we build truly disruptive solutions for the restaurant industry.”

The talented team at Cake Labs (Photo credits: Cake Labs)
The talented team at Cake Labs (Photo credits: Cake Labs)

Speaking to Jorn at the official launch of Cake Labs, we learned that they’ve already received much positive feedback following the rebranding of the US-based parent company to Cake. Whether Cake Labs will see similar success after its rebranding is something we’ll know in the coming months.


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