SAITM and the University of Rajarata


The big screen up front is showing a couple of dignitaries heading this way, so we presume the awards are about to get distributed soon. SAITM has on display and interesting troubleshooting system for electronic devices: a combination expert system / guide which, given symptoms, diagnoses a technical fault with a gradual series of targeted questions. It’s like a portable expert troubleshooter and designed to make a repair technician’s life easier. The University of Rajarata has on display a total vehicle tracking system that uses barcodes and GPS to store data on vehicles, ┬átrack and assign parking, vehicle stats, the lot, like a comprehensive information system that lets you find a car, scan it’s barcode and pull up all the details – chassis no, engine capacity, the lot. It’s a large-scale project that sounds very useful to police or vehicle agents.

And Hon. S.B. Dissanayake himself is headed this way…looks like the awards are coming soon. We’ll be right back with the word on what happens.



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