A Hackathon Of Colorful Proportions: LetMeHack


Organized by the Society of Computer Sciences (SOCS), of the University of Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka, LetMeHack 1.0 was held on the 24th of February 2018. The theme of LetMeHack revolved around developing a completely open source product that can be used by everyone.

How did LetMeHack take place?

Carried out as a 16-hour product implementation hackathon where university students from across the country could take part, LetMeHack shortlisted the top 20 teams for the hackathon. Participants implemented a product according to the platform that was specified by the organizing team.

This was an interesting challenge. Rather than picking their preferred platform, the teams would have to improvise, adapt and overcome the platform that they had been designated. In addition, the product that was implemented would have to have a useful outcome and it also would be judged by a team of technological experts.

Kicking things off

Kicking off with a colorful opening ceremony, a speech was given by Shafraz Rahim of IdeaMart, who were the Platinum sponsors. He spoke about how LetMeHack is a novel initiative and that he is excited about what they have to offer. He also said that he is looking forward to the next iteration of LetMeHack. Following that, Dr. Samantha Kumara, Head of the Department of Computing and Information Systems was up on stage to share his ideas and to support initiatives such as this along with the panel of lecturers of the department.

Shafraz Rahim addressing the audience (Image Credits: LetMeHack)

The primary purpose of LetMeHack was to develop a backend for a front-end design that had already been developed by the organizing team. Contestants were given GitHub issues to commit and solve the dilemmas and they were judged by a set of experts in the field who represented companies such as IdeaMart, 99x Technology, Virtusa, and CeyDigital.

Meeting their mentors

Further, the participants also had assistance and advice from 15 highly experienced and talented mentors, hailing from companies such as RS Metrics, Sysco Labs, Arimac, and Gapsters. These mentors guided contestants to make implementations and coding successfully. The tasks included developing dialog IdeaMart applications as well.

The teams working hard (Image Credits: LetMeHack)

The winner takes it all

Finally, the judges selected the best performers of the event based on their GitHub practices, code quality and the usefulness of the implementations. Just before the Award Ceremony, the participants were all treated to a campfire, which helped boost morale and teamwork. With a rather colorful closing ceremony, LetMeHack came to a close.

Yes, they actually had a campfire (Image Credits: LetMeHack)

Team Void, from the University of Colombo School of Computing, emerged victorious, getting a cash prize of LKR 50,000. The 2nd Place was awarded to Team DeltaX from the University of Peradeniya, who was awarded a cash prize of LKR 35,000. Lastly, the 3rd place was claimed by Team Scorpions from University of Moratuwa, who were awarded a cash prize of LKR 25,000.

The Winners: Team Void (Image Credits: LetMeHack)


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