Let’s talk SEO. No, seriously


Whether you’re an ecommerce site or marketing content, Search Engine Optimization is something that we all would and should look at. Keeping your SEO game on point is often key when it comes to thriving online. But sometimes, this can be a bit challenging, especially with so many online businesses popping up each day.

How does one go about in such a circumstance? How does content play a role in SEO? Questions like these might be lurking your mind when you want to effectively reach out in the online space.

Let’s talk SEO

Content marketing is perhaps one of the most important ingredients in a successful Search Engine Optimization recipe. A good content marketing strategy is what separates an online presence with over a million visitors per month from one that barely reaches a mere 1000 people on the internet. Making your content google friendly can be tricky, but certainly not impossible.

Let's Talk SEO
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But of course, its not all about good content. There are other elements like On-Site SEO that enhances the effectiveness of your strategy. Measurements and analytics also play a crucial role. Particularly when proper assessment of your strategy is required.

Organized by SLASSCOM, in collaboration with Yoho Bed and us at ReadMe, “Let’s talk SEO” will look at providing an overview on all the SEO essentials. The session will be conducted by 2 industry experts Nishadha Silva, Internet Marketing Manager at Creately and Nisal Lakmal, a Digital Marketing Strategist. Here, you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of everything from optimization to content creation and marketing, to analytics.

Let's talk SEO
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Where can I sign up?

The event will happen at the Dialog Auditorium on the 15th of February, from 6.00 PM – 8.30 PM. If you’re interested in joining in, head over here to sign up. But do keep in mind registrations will close by the 14th of February and tickets are priced at Rs. 500.

But if you’re unable to make it for the event, then fear not. Your trusty tech journalist ninjas will be dispatched on the 15th so that you won’t miss out on anything. But if you do make it, don’t forget to say hi!