Say Hello To LG’s Most Affordable 4K HDR Projector


LG seems to be going all out for CES 2018. Even though the Consumer Electronics Show is scheduled to kick off on the 7th of January 2018, LG has already unveiled their lineup of Google Assistant powered OLED TVs. This includes a massive 88” 8K OLED TV as well.

Up LG’s sleeve is what also appears to be a 4K HDR projector. According to LG, the new UHD projector, called the HU80KA is approximately half the size of a currently available 4K projector. While they are “heavy, expensive, and difficult to install”, according to the company, the HU80KA is the opposite of all these.

It’s premium, yet affordable

In contrast (pun intended), the HU80KA is what LG calls an “affordable yet premium device”. The key feature about the HU80KA is that it has the ability to display a 150-inch picture in any room of your house. Rated at 2,500 lumens, the HU80KA certainly has a bright future ahead of it, making it LG’s brightest projector so far, matching it up against what’s currently available in the market today.

Image Credits: Android Headlines

Apart from the 4K resolution, the HU80KA also supports HDR video with HDR10, which is a new high dynamic range format. The projector can be kept on the floor, mounted to a wall, or simply hung from the ceiling, and perform equally well, regardless of the position.

It’s got all the right connections

It even has a pair of built in speakers. Rated at 7-watts, you’ll probably want to connect the projector to your sound system. Fear not as the HU80KA has a plethora of connectivity options ranging from optical, HDMI, and Bluetooth. It can also play media files off a USB drive and you can even use the USB ports to connect an external keyboard and mouse.

Image Credits: VOX

In case you were wondering, the HU80KA runs webOS similar to the current lineup of LG’s TVs. There’s no mention about ThinQ AI or Google Assistant, but you do get a bunch of streaming apps built roght into the projector.

How much will the HU80KA cost?

Thus far there’s no pricing for LG’s HU80KA. Then again, this is CES, so that’s nothing to be surprised about. Companies throng to show off their latest gadgets, make us drool at them, then once everything is over, they reveal the prices. Just to put things into perspective, ye average 4K Projector clocks in around $2,000. So while the HU80KA may not exactly be cheap, it will be interesting to know exactly how much it is priced at.

CES 2018 kicks off on the 7th of January 2018 and goes on till the 12th of January 2018.


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