LG Has Plans For an 8K TV with Google Assistant Built In


If Black Friday, the December holiday season and the new year weren’t enough to get your inner techie geekyself excited, then there’s always CES. The Consumer Electronics Show or CES is quite possibly the largest consumer exhibition related to technology and the latest in gadgets and devices. Held annually in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, CES has become the place to be to see what new devices and gadgets we can expect for the coming year.

One such announcement is by LG

The company is getting ready to announce their new lineup of OLED TVs. This new lineup also includes a somewhat behemoth 88-inch 8K panel. That’s not all though. How would you like some assistance with your brand new OLD TV? Yes, LG has also announced that their new lineup of TVs would also be getting Google Assistant.

LG’s 8K OLED TV prepped for CES 2018 (Image Credits: PCMag)

Over the recent years, LG has produced smart TVs with a webOS-based operating system. This included LG’s own voice assistant. Now they are stepping things up a notch to include Google Assistant, both in their OLED and “Super UHD” LCD displays. This would be under LG’s “ThinQ” AI branding.

We’ve seen LG’s ThinQ AI in a number of products from LC including smart kitchen appliances to smart laundry appliances to smart air solutions and even to clean up the floor of your house as well.

Two Assistants at your service

LG seems to be offering assistance (pun intended) for both platforms. LG’s integrated assistant strategy seems to be two-fold. For example, you can use ThinQ AI for tasks related to the TV itself. This includes things like searching for a soundtrack for the currently playing movie.

In addition, countries that have access to Google Assistant can also make use of Google’s powerful tool to control more advanced elements on top of what can be controlled by ThinQ. These will include smart home devices, or basically anything else that Google Assistant can do.

Image Credits: TheVerge

In addition, LG has also stated that the ThinQ AI TVs will also have the ability to operate as a central smart home hub as well. Despite the implementation of ThinQ and Google Assistant, it’s still very possible that the new TVs will just be running webOS under all these features.

Meet the Alpha 9 Image Processor

That’s not all though. Alongside the new ThinQ program, LG is also introducing a brand new image processor. Called the Alpha 9, the new image processor will debut on the same TVs that LG is launching at CES 2018.

Image Credits: Android Central

According to LG, the new Alpha 9 processor will allow for improved noise reduction and better color performance. It will also offer support for 120 120 fps high frame rate (HFR) content. Thus far, no pricing has been released but you can be assured that it’s not going to be cheap

We will know more about LG and other products when CES 2018 kicks off from the 7th of January 2018 to the 12th of January 2018.


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