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Ever had a brilliant idea to build an online application that would make you a very wealthy person but have always been tuck when it came down to the payment model? You are not the only one as  many have faced a similar  situation with regards to online businesses.

Employing a payment gateway, where the customer can pay with their credit card, is impossible for a small business or an individual due to a number of factors. LinkLK is a platform that helps you to get your business online the smart way. The LinkLK platform is a product of, and is owned and operated by, Ridgecrest Asia (Pvt) Ltd. Founded by Wall Street veterans, Ridgecrest started out building cutting edge, high performance financial services applications. While still maintaining links with the financial sector, their focus now is entirely on the LinkLK platform.

What does LinkLK provide?

They can either build your application for you or provide you with necessary interfaces where you can build your own application. If you develop your own application, you have to build it with a Central Authentication Server Client (CAS). LinkLK provides a “Single Sign-On” mechanism via CAS. A user signed on to any LinkLK website is automatically authenticated at all other LinkLK sites. A customer of your online business can pay using LinkLK payment gateway. They can use VISA/Mastercard, American Express, and eZPay. Other payment options, including mobile payment, are currently in progress. Your application will be hosted on LinkLK servers, with a guaranteed high performance and a highly available server infrastructure.

LinklkActive Modules for LinkLK


Ticketslk is the definitive website dedicated to providing you with the convenience of booking tickets online. TicketsLK offers  consumers the facility of reserving and purchasing tickets for movies and numerous events featured on the site. The service is rich with user-friendly interface, secure payment system, 24/7 offline support, which helps and safeguards its customers.


The consolidated financial solution, which manages all savings, cheques and investment accounts in one place. Users  dealing with many financial institutions are strongly benefited by the exceptional features  provided by FinanceLK. The Portfolio view of FinanceLK  provides a complete picture of a user’s ‘Net Worth’ at a glance.

  • Bill Analysis

A sub module that analyse bills ranging from Mobile to Electricity meters, will be a good value addition to track  anomalies and guide users to harness the benefits of features provided by the relevant servers.


A bundled service, which serves dual purpose to sports enthusiasts and sports centres to manipulate sports facilities via internet at their convenience. SportsLK  members are privileged with the opportunity to reserve  sports facilities featured on the website. Conversely, the  member Sports centres have advanced access to publish facilities, manage user reservations, managing special events and tournaments amongst a host of others online. The main idea driving behind SportsLK is to make all sports facilities available for online reservations.


CabsLK provides the facility for users to book cabs online for personal and corporate usage by specifying the required time, vehicle type, destination and the cab company. Benefits will be in reciprocal for cab companies and organisations in their serve as the system avoids the frequent occurrences of mystification and make things simple and convenient.


AutosLK offers its users, a stress free method of maintaining all verticals of your automobile requirements. Unlike any other online resource, AutosLK provides the most comprehensive auto shop directory. It is equipped with a unique patent pending system that relies on multiple sources of difficult to acquire proprietary data that has never been available to customers.

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