LOFT1024 is having an Open Day


A while back we covered the pros and cons of working from home. Regus’s research pointed out that around 61% of people actually had a home office. Despite the cons, working from home does have its benefits. However, if you are starting to feel that you’re turning into somewhat of a couch potato, not only is that unproductive, it could also be unhealthy.

Another reason to work from home maybe the fact that you’re not in a financial status to hire out a large office space, especially if you are a tech-startup. If your employees are geographically diverse, getting them together in one place can be a tedious task.

One possible solution to this is co-working. This is a style of work revolving around a shared office space, the catch being that your coworkers are employed from other organizations and as such are working on different projects. Mainly aimed at those who work at home, independent contractors, or individuals who travel quite a lot.

Announcement 01 - 9.00 am - Web PageThe concept is somewhat new to Sri Lanka, but this is idea that Loft One Zero Two Four is aiming at. The company (stylized as Loft1024) rents out office spaces so that workers just have to ‘plug and play’, thus enabling a greater focus on innovations and the company growth while the rest is taken care of. They provide both private and open-plan work spaces that can be customized to suit your requirement. As for the offices per se, the have six private office spaces which can accommodate up to seven people in each space whilst the common office area can accommodate up to 10 individual desks. Facilities such as Wi-Fi, a full-time receptionist, access to the board room and meeting room, a common meeting room, dining area and 24×7 security are all provided.

Invitation-9.00 am

If you’re interested in the concept, you can head on over to the Loft1024 HQ located at 73/5 Ward Place, Colombo 7 on the 23rd of May from 9 AM onwards. Who knows, you may even see us there.


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