The Logitech X50: Small Footprint, Large Sound?


After finding its way into our list of fantastic gadgets and where to find them, we decided to take a closer look at the Logitech X50 Bluetooth speaker. Available at Redline Technologies and all Logitech authorized resellers, the Logitech X50 retails for LKR 5,000/-

Now we’re no strangers to Bluetooth speakers. The last speaker we reviewed was the Anker Soundcore and we had to admit that it was indeed a really good speaker. So how did the Logitech X50 fare?

Kicking things off is the packaging

Logitech is known for their not-so-easy-to-take-apart packaging seen on their controllers and speaker setups. The Logitech X50, on the other hand, is a polar opposite. Packed in a bright yellow box, the packaging can be easily opened by simply cutting the seal at the bottom of the box. Once done, the back opens up to reveal the inner housing.

Logitech X50This includes various reading material and also a microUSB cable that you can use to charge the Logitech X50. The speaker itself is sealed within a plastic compartment that is tabbed at the top. Simply pry open the tabs and the packaging will open itself to reveal the speaker.

Unpacked Logitech X50

Hands-on with the Logitech X50

The first thing you notice about the speaker is that it doesn’t look like a speaker at all. Well, at least for us, it doesn’t. It looked actually like a fancy cup holder. That being said, the Logitech X50 comes in a number of vibrant, attractive colors. Measuring 3.8” *3.4” and weighing around 140g, the device is extremely light.

Logitech X50The Logitech X50 features a 1.5” driver that is wrapped around a circular body. At the top of the speaker is a space that can be used to hook the speaker to a cord or to a buckle so that it can be attached to a strap while traveling.

The top of the speaker features a triangular grilled pattern to protect the speaker diaphragm and also to keep the body strong. Towards the left of the body of the Logitech X50, you will find a Power/Pair button along with volume controls. At the center of the body, you will find the microUSB port for charging the Logitech X50.

Logitech X50 SizeInterestingly, the Logitech X50 also packs an auxiliary port. So if you’re trying to connect a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, all you need to do is get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and plug in one end to your device and the other into the speaker. The back of the speaker is completely sealed and has the Logitech logo etched into it giving a classy touch to it. Another nice touch is that the base of the speaker has a rubber coating on it. this means that once placed on a table, it won’t slip all over the place.

Using the Logitech X50 speaker

Given that the Logitech X50 has a 750mAh battery, charging it doesn’t take too long. We were able to fully charge the device in a little under one hour. From there, we began our tests. In order to pair the Logitech X50, you need to first switch it on via the button. From there, you will need to pair the speaker with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. A blue blinking LED is a sign that the speaker is ready for pairing. Once paired, the blue LED will remain constant.

Logitech X50

Music Playback on the Logitech X50

As for music, I’m a Metalhead so that was the first genre that I played. From there, we proceeded to play everything from Rock, to Rap, Hip-Hop, more Metal, Classical Music, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trap and a load of EDM. For an LKR 5,000 speaker, we were actually impressed. At moderate volume levels, the Logitech X50 certainly adds some punch to music with little distortion. However, loud volumes are the Achilles Heel of the Logitech X50.

Logitech X50The speaker is rated at 3W. The speaker is capable of handling thumping bass and clear mids and highs as well and the overall listening experience is quite good. Although, when you max out the volume, it’s extremely loud and also becomes a tad unbearable to listen to. There’s also a heavy distortion. This is especially prevalent if the track you’re playing has a lot of low-frequency effects such as bass lines and bass drops.

The Logitech X50 has a rated distance of about 10 feet and that’s pretty accurate. We were able to listen to music uninterrupted but the audio began to crackle as we separated our audio device from the speaker. If you’re in an open area with no walls or barriers, then the signal loss will be less.

Can it last the day?

Battery life is important if you’re using a portable speaker. The Logitech X50 packs a 750mAh battery. As such, Logitech rates continuous music playback at 5 hours. A bit of a letdown considering the Anker speaker we reviewed packed a 4,400mAh battery and could use used for up to 24 hours of continuous music playback.

Logitech X50
With a 750mAh battery, you’re limited to around 5 hours of music playback

Overall, we were not quite impressed with the battery life. 5 hours would essentially mean that if you were on an 8-hour drive, your speaker would be dead before you reached your destination. Then again, because it’s a 750mAh battery, charging times would be rather quick. A workaround I found was to carry an extra power bank just in case the Logitech X50 was out of juice

Overall conclusion

The Logitech X50 Bluetooth speaker is a cost-effective speaker. It offers really good music playback capabilities at moderate volumes. EDM fans will instantly fall in love with the thump that the Logitech X50 creates for a 3W speaker. If you’re playing music at extremely loud levels, though, then you can expect a significant level of distortion. This is especially true for genres such as metal and EDM.

If you’re on the lookout for a small, compact speaker that also looks really cute, give the Logitech X50 a go. Already own one? Let us know what you think about it. If you think that there are similar Bluetooth speakers that do the job better, feel free to share them as well. If you want to purchase the Logitech X50 from Logitech’s own website, you can do so by clicking here.


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