A Second Look: Yamu now brings you Pizza


It’s been some time since we last took a look at the the Yamu app. Back then, we were pretty happy when the IOS version finally rolled out and the Yamu team fixed the offline use issue with the Android app. Indeed, the app became the one Sri Lankan app that we actually found useful enough to have on our phones for keeps.

They’ve been rolling out a new, albeit major change: pizza. Yamu’s been testing out the process pretty thoroughly over the past few months and have added a sizeable DLC-like chunk to the app in the form of the order process.

You can order pizza and have it delivered

It’s simple: you can now order pizza without having to call anyone up. Currently the service is only limited to Harpo’s. We hope Yamu gets more restaurants onboard with this feature, because it works so well that you place an order just as fast if not faster than calling the restaurant. So how does it work?

Well, the first thing the app will do is check if Harpo’s is open. If it is open then you can select your pizzas along with any additional toppings. Once that’s confirmed you have to give your address along with your name, phone number and select your method of payment.


You can choose to pay either by credit card – which means Harpo’s will call you to get your card number or simply by cash. That’s all there is to it, then it’s all upto Harpos. You can keep track of the status of your pizza in the order history section. It’s pretty simple and honestly like DHL-ing your food to your doorstep. It’s also cheaper and less annoying than a phone call. There’s also a 20% discount at the moment if you order with the app.

The only catch with this feature seems to be that cancelling an order isn’t as simple as placing one. This is because currently there is no option to cancel orders, so if you decide you want to for something else instead of Harpos then you’ll need to call Harpos directly.

There’s no need to login

When you fired up the original Yamu app, it asked you to login with either Facebook or your Google account. The new and improved one doesn’t – instead it immediately loads the homescreen for you. This means you can freely browse through the directory of places in Colombo Yamu has reviewed to find someplace that suits your needs.

However the option to login with Facebook or Google is still available in the options menu. What does it give you in return? Simply allows you to bookmark places and view any orders you’ve placed with the app. Beyond that it serves no purpose – you don’t need it for delivery at all – and login failed quite a few times when we tried.

Mysterious coupons

This is another section you can access via the drop down menu. At the moment the only thing in this section is a blank page. According to Indi Samarajiva, this was an experimental feature – they’re apparently going to drop this entirely in the next update.

Overall, Yamu’s basically moved into an entirely new service sector – from being a guide around Colombo to arranging pizza delivery. It’s so well done, however, that it feels like part and parcel of the original offering. They’ve also got plans to roll out the app for Windows Phone, so all ye Lumias aren’t forgotten.


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