All You Need To Know About The Magic Leap One


If you recall, back in 2015, we wrote about a company called Magic Leap. The company, backed by Google was working on a little known augmented reality headset. They demonstrated a typical day at the office where a user could interact with his email and files and even interact in a game called “Victory” complete with weapons, holographic robot enemies, and even a huge tank.

Magic Leap One
Game play of Magic Leap’s “Victory” (Image Credits: CNN Money)

Fast forward 3 years, Magic Leap unveiled a rudimentary edition of its augmented reality system. Called the Magic Leap One, the system consists of a pair of goggles connected to a Lightpack, which is an external computer, along with a handheld controller.

According to Magic Leap, the Magic Leap One will accept multiple input modes such as voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking. The device is also able to map object permanently onto the environment. So if you leave a virtual object somewhere, it will still be in its original location when you wear the Magic Leap One again.

Magic Leap One
The Magic Leap One (Image Credits: Business Insider)

The demo of the Magic Leap One includes some virtual characters who can react to eye contact. The demos also include a comic book that floats in a virtual environment together with a virtual live performance which is also virtual. The Magic Leap One will ship in two sizes of goggles. They will also have customizable forehead, nose, and temple pads. Magic Leap is also supposedly working on including prescription lenses into the Magic Leap One as well.

With regard to the Lightpack, the device can be clipped to a belt or shoulder pad. It includes a powerful graphics card and four built-in microphones. It will also supposedly have a minimum of six external cameras and have built-in speakers, akin to the Microsoft HoloLens. Truth be told, the Magic Leap One sounds a lot like the Microsoft HoloLens. It just has a larger field of view and is also more comfortable

All You Need To Know About The Magic Leap One 3An SDK for the Magic Leap One is due to be released in early 2018, with the hardware itself shipping somewhere along 2018 but no exact date has been given. The SDK was actually supposed to be available in 2015 but it took three years to be available. Even that is still not confirmed. Hopefully, the Magic Leap One won’t follow suit either, especially because the technology they’re using is what people have been going on for years.


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