Making Jaffna the next Silicon Valley: the Yarl Geek Challenge

Yarl Geek Challenge - Season 1
Yarl Geek Challenge – Season 1

The Yarl IT Hub is a non-profit community of industry experts, declaring themselves independent of politics and corporate hegemony. Their plan? To transform Yarl (Jaffna) into the world’s next Silicon Valley. That’s a very big statement right there. Given the devastation suffered by the area, there’s a lot of (re)building to be done. 

The Yarl IT Hub is rising to the challenge. They’re putting in unprecedented effort into making Jaffna a prime environment for IT start-ups, innovation and investment.

The Yarl Geek Challenge is one such initiative. YIT has sent out the call for brilliant minds to head over, team up with fellow industry experts and compete for the limelight. It’s a competition of wits, ideas and technology. The Geek Challenge officially starts on the 13th of October, where teams meet up, finalize their concepts and begin. From the 26th to the 29th of October, the solutions they come up with will be showcased and judged in four sessions, the last being marketing and product strategy.

The Geek Challenge is not the only thing YIT has going on: they’re working in close alliance with the University of Jaffna on ySchool, a web-based school management system.

For those of you who can’t make it, ReadMe will be there at the Geek Challenge. Keep an eye out for our live photo-blog  tweets and video feed. We haven’t got any word as to the prizes, but judging by the effort being expended in the Geek Challenge, we’d say they’re going to be worth it. At any rate, we’re looking forward to seeing what the competitors come up with.

While Jaffna is not going to turn into Silicon Valley overnight (Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?), it’s heartening to know that the foundations are actively being laid out. Innovation and technological competence benefit not just one area, but all of Sri Lanka. As Sri Lankans, we have to say we’re proud of the Yarl IT Hub, and we’ll be with them all the way.

For the full details on the competition, including how to apply, visit YIT Geek Challenge page.



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