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If a scale exists to measure the number of people who love and hate math, the number of haters it will be undoubtedly high. This is caused from the constant frustrations due to the lack of availability of tools to guide and help out. If you’re one of those people who have continuous trouble with getting math problems solved, then there’s now an app for that. MalMath is the step by step math problem solver you have been looking for. It will answer any math problem you throw at it and also show you the steps on how it came up with the answer.

Upon installation, you are guided with how to use the app with a sample problem. This will help users to get an idea as to how the app can be utilized to its maximum capacity.

MalMath screens
Screens of MalMath

How it works is pretty straightforward. You are required to enter your math problem using the in-app keyboard. Then once you hit “Solve”, the app works out the math problem you’ve entered. Once it’s done being calculated, the answer is displayed on the screen. If you would like to know how the app arrived at the answer then all you have to do is press “Show steps” for the app to do exactly what the button says. Each step is carefully described so that it is easy for anyone to understand.

MalMath will come in handy at times when you are struggling to get an answer. It can also be used as a tool to check whether the answer you’ve worked out is correct. Let’s assume that you are stuck solving a relatively long math sum. Most of the time, it will be easier for you to use MalMath to calculate the supporting sums to arrive at the final answer. At the end of each solved problem is the ability for the user to rate the solution. This is a great way to measure user satisfaction levels to further develop the app.

What’s fascinating about MalMath is how it has the ability to plot graphs and functions like a boss. Each problem solved is logged so that it can be called back at any time. There is also the ability to share any solution with friends.

If there’s a need to go beyond getting math problems solved, then you can create your own problems. But in a good way. Generating math problems will be helpful to anyone who wants to polish up their math skills. Since the problems which can be found in books are limited, the Math Problem Generator can be used to effectively generate math problems which can then be solved.

We congratulate the team behind its development and wish them well to continue developing its features. A feature where the app is able to identify and solve math sums off of textbooks can be integrated to further solidify the app. I’ve seen it been done before in a couple of other apps with the help of image processing technology. With time to come, it would be nice to see MalMath being available for iOS and Windows users.

To sum it all up, MalMath is the latest answer to all your math related problems. It can solve them faster than you can say “MalMath”. Ease of use combined with easy guiding makes it even better. The app doesn’t complicate the process. Prayers to all day-to-day math related issues have been answered. So if you want to try it you can download the app on the Play Store here.



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