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Nokia plunked down $8.1 billion to buy Navteq in October 2012, making a big strategic bet on maps while Apple’s Map was a $30 Billion mistake on the iOS 6. Google on the other hand seems to have a smooth run backed by the community, and this time it’s news from Sri Lanka!

Launched in 2008 Google map maker is a service offered by Google Maps. This arose out of necessity in certain countries as mapping data was unavailable, and collaborative community effort seemed the best solution. The ultimate goal of this project is to acquire sufficient high-quality mapping data to improve and refine the existing Google Maps.

One such is community is the Google map maker community in Sri Lanka, which successfully hosted “Map your Sri Lanka 2013” on the 2nd of March at the Distance Learning Center computer lab in Colombo. For this exclusive event 43 mappers were selected from the registration process, representing every part of the island.


The map makers went through line features like roads, railway, rivers etc in the morning and were asked to do some mapping on their own. Mapping experts – Sarfraz, Charith, Dihan, Harindra, Punsisi, Tharaka and Udaya also contributed in assisting the members. By evening, the participants had experience in mapping boundary and natural features like buildings, lakes, parks etc.

At the end of this event all 43 participants across the island were awarded with a MapUp Participant certificate and a small Google branded souvenir.

Power Mappers of the Google mapping community in Sri Lanka who conducted this MapUp said “We invite new mappers to join hands with us to get an accurate map of Sri Lanka. Please join with the community forum to participate in future events. Google Maps for the iPhone is also free, fast and fantastic!”.


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