Mashable’s 10 best, DOTL, Offline Youtube, Smart Skin and the End of an Era for the Nexus 5


 Mashable releases “10 Best tech companies to work for in 2015”


Popular news website Mashable ( posted its 10 Best Tech Companies to work for in 2014. Out of a list of 50 or more well known and reputed companies, the best of th best were chosen, and here they are:


9. Zillow

8. LinkedIn

7. Apple

6. MathWorks

5. Adobe

4. Qualcomm

3. Facebook

2. F5 Networks

1. Google

Defence of the Ancients meets League of Legends


Well, we can’t say we weren’t waiting for it (I was patiently waiting for it) and so it happened. A brave individual from the modding community has taken a brave step towards melding two of the most popular MOBA (multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games and fusing them into one.

Titled “Defence of the Legends”, the game takes Valve’s DotA 2 and inserts characters and abilities from Riot Game’s League of Legends so you can essentially play LoL, in DotA 2.

The project is still in very early development phases with the basics such as the map and creep spawning under development. Since it is a one man show, the work can take up a considerable amount of time. That being said though, the developer stated that once done, invitations would be sent out to other developers to port over champions (the main characters in LoL as opposed to Heroes in DotA), abilities and other elements of the game and the end result would be that characters from both games can battle against each other.

Since DotA 2 uses Valve’s proprietary Source 2 Engine, the development for each hero will take a lot of work as they’ll need to essentially be reworked to fit the theme of the engine and the game.

Youtube launches Offline mode for Indian users



With the launch of Android One, it was announced that India would be receiving Youtube’s offline feature. Well, that day is today. Available for both Android and iOS, it essentially allows you to download videos via YouTube and then play them back when no data connectivity is found.

You basically click the Offline icon located on the bottom of the video frame which downloads the video so that you can watch it without a data connection for a period of 48 hours.

As with anything too good to be true, there is always a catch. In this case, the line-up of offline-enabled videos are limited to music videos and comedy videos made in India. To help monetize this initiative, this feature will be ad-supported, and such ads will also show up in offline mode.

“Smart Skin” could take realism of prosthetic limbs to a whole new level


A new type of prosthetic skin that is warm and elastic much like real skin and packed with sensors could be one day used for those with prosthetic limbs to help them regain their sense of touch.

In the experiments that were conducted, the researches used electronic skin or prosthetic skin embedded with electronics onto a prosthetic hand after which they found that the skin could survive after being put through complex operations, such as shaking hands, tapping keyboards, holding hot or cold drinks, touching dry or wet objects and physical interaction with other people.

It proved to be according to their expectations with regard to sensitivity, pressure, stretching, temperature and dampness. In addition, the scientists also used heating devices that could duplicate the warmth of a person’s body temperature.

Even though prosthetic limbs have been around for a while, replicating the sensory capabilities of real skin has proven to be quite a daunting challenge. But now with the technological advancement of the sensors used in this skin, it could help lead to prosthetic devices for patients who lost arms, legs or skin.

Google confirms Nexus 5 production has stopped


On a somewhat sad note for all Nexus 5 fans (including myself) it was announced that red and white versions of the Nexus 5 have been taken out from the Play Store with a similar fate awaiting the black version as well thus signifying the end of one era, and the beginning of the next.

Originally thought of as a rumor, it was quickly confirmed by a Google spokesperson who stated that the production of the Nexus 5 has stopped and that once stock runs out, the black version of the Nexus 5 will be permanently removed from the Play Store.

In his statement, he said “Once they are gone, they’re gone, so we’d suggest people get them while they can,”

Currently, the black Nexus 5 (16 and 32 GB) is listed as out of stock in the US Play Store. It’s not clear if more stock will be added.


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