Meet Companion, The Solution To Walking Home Alone At Night


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Here is an app that is really useful for you regardless of your gender. We all know that walking home late at night can be a dangerous thing. We often call our loved ones during these walks just to stay safe and vice versa. Meet Companion. The app makes it quite simple to recruit friends and family to accompany you home virtually if you feel like you’re in an area that you’re uncomfortable with.

In addition, the app also alleviates the need for small talk but rather, offers a dedicated tool designed to increase your feeling of safety.

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The best part is rather than other apps that require both devices to have the app installed, Companion can be used with anyone in your contacts even if they don’t have the app installed. One just has to enter one’s starting point and destination in the app and the software will track your progress. It will also periodically ask “Are you ok?” for which you have to press a green “Yes” button in the app. If no response is detected within 15 seconds, the app will automatically notify your designated companion.

That’s not all though. If the app detects an increase in movement speed, or that your headphones were disconnected from your smartphone, it will trigger an alarm that will call your friend or family in the next 15 seconds.

If you’re a university student, the app also has the ability to report areas around your campus that you think could do with a bit more protection by selecting an “I feel nervous” option when in that area. The makers of Companion promise to contact your school’s officials upon receiving such reports.

This doesn’t of course mean that you can randomly walk through your neighborhood to unsafe areas at ungodly hours, but at least it offers an easy way to keep your mind at ease and concentrate on the walk home. You’ll also have the assurance that your loved ones are safer than before.

Companion is currently available as a free download for both iOS and Android.


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