Meet DAWD, The U.S Army’s Version Of Iron Man’s Helmet.


There’s no denying that Iron Man’s Helmet is by far one of the coolest gadgets to date. In addition to his plethora of suits, each with its own characteristic and unique name, there is also J.A.R.V.I.S or Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

That being said, the technology seen in the suit seems a tad too futuristic for us nowadays. Or is it?

Meet the D.A.V.D Helmet

The United States Navy has created what they dub “DAVD” or Divers Augmented Vision Display. The helmet, similar to that of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit is a high-resolution, see-through head-up display (HUD) which is embedded directly inside of a diving helmet.

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As such, divers will possess a real time visual display of everything around them. This also includes sector sonar, which is a real-time view of the diver’s location and dive site as seen from the top, text messages, diagrams, photographs and even augmented reality videos.

Akin to a POV (point-of-view) video game display, the purpose is to place information directly in from on the divers’ eyes.

Dennis Gallagher, an Underwater Systems Development Project Engineer explained that “By building this HUD directly inside the dive helmet instead of attaching a display on the outside, it can provide a capability similar to something from an ‘Ironman’ movie, and that you have everything you visually need right there within the helmet.”

According to researchers, the prototype can be used for diving missions such as ship husbandry, underwater construction, and salvage operations. Once fully developed, it can be used by first responders and the commercial diving community.

Gallagher and his team have thus far worked with and demonstrated the helmet and its related system to around 20 divers from numerous backgrounds so far and the next phase in the project is to design components to include both helmet systems and full face masks.

October is the D-Day as Divers are scheduled to conduct in-water simulation testing. Guess we have to hold on till then.

You can click here to go to the official website of the United States Navy for more details.

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