Meet Hatchery: The latest Brainchild of WSO2


If you’re a budding entrepreneur still fresh to the startup scene, then the world can be a rather scary place. If you are unsure of what technologies you can use or if you need some help with your tech, then WSO2 may have just what you’re looking for. Meet Hatchery.

No, there are no turtles (teenage, mutant, ninjas, or otherwise) involved. Hatchery is all about WSO2 giving back to the community. Think of it as a novel way for WSO2 to share their expertise with you.

What does Hatchery Offer?

For starters, according to WSO2, you, the startup would be given access to their CTO-as-a-service program. This essentially enables you to consult with them on a daily basis as if they were your own Chief Technology Officer.

A standard program from Hatchery would be around three months in duration. It also gives access to their open source platform. If you have a problem related to your startup, then some of WSO2’s most intelligent minds are at your disposal to tell you what you need to do to get it working.

How Does One Apply to Be a Part of The Hatchery?

There are a couple of conditions in order to be a part of this. First and foremost, your startup is required to have less than LKR400,000 in monthly revenue (the lower, the better). Secondly, the problem that you have identified in your startup must make use of some part of WSO2’s free, open source middleware platform, be it a simple user login or an API. Given how diverse the platform actually is, this should not be too much of a problem.

You can consult the CEO for a very of issues with WSO2 support (Image credits: ThumbFood)
You can consult with a WSO2 Solution Architect as a CTO regarding a variety of issues (Image credits: ThumbFood)

After an initial evaluation, selected startups will be invited to a Hatchery event (again, no turtles included yet). There, you will have the opportunity to have a face to face meeting with one of the companies’ solution architects and elaborate on the problems that your startup is facing. Mind you, you are actually getting one WSO2 solution architect, one of the best that WSO2 has to offer, as your CTO, for three months. The CTO can be met via numerous private consultations. This is certainly no time to be fooling around. You only have three months to solve your issues.

At the end of a three-month period your startup will be reevaluated to see if you require further support.

How Much Would This Cost You?

Well, according to WSO2, absolutely nothing. They are not asking for financial gains or equity. All they want to do is to help startups who can use some part of their middleware platform. If you do end up using their platform, it’s all the better for you as there’s there’s no platform lock-in involved.

In case you’re wondering, all ideas that you come up with are completely yours. In fact, WSO2 will actually have a legal agreement in place that makes sure both parties involved are protected. They are also very open about the idea behind Hatchery. In fact, they encourage you to talk about the platform and anything related to it on social media.

The deadline for signing up for The Hatchery is October 20, 2016. The Initial Hatchery event wil take place on November 5, 2016.

If you wish to sign up, you can do so by clicking here.