Meet The MATRIX PowerWatch: The Watch Powered By You!


One of the most annoying aspects when dealing with a smartwatch is when you forget to charge it. Watches such as the Pebble and Pebble Time can go on for 4-5 days of use at a stretch thanks to their eInk displays, but for the rest of us, we are lucky to get 2 days of usage. According to Matrix Industries, their new smartwatch called The MATRIX PowerWatch will aim to get rid of the hassle of charging.

MATRIX PowerWatch
The MATRIX PowerWatch in all its glory
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What is the secret behind the MATRIX PowerWatch? You! That’s right. The watch is literally powered by you. Simply wear the watch and it will use the concepts of thermo-electric technology to harness energy from your body heat to power itself. As body heat is something you generally don’t run out of, you need not worry about your smartwatch running out of juice. Once you are done with the watch, simply take it off and then gadget will go into sleep mode after syncing all information to its partner app.

This is also an added benefit for health conscious users as it can measure calories burned. As your body burns calories, that is in turn converted to heat, which the MATRIX PowerWatch can use to power itself.

As the device needs no charging, there are no ports and the device is well sealed. Want to take it for a swim? No issues, with a maximum depth of upto 50 meters, the MATRIX Powerwatch can be your handy companion (see what I did there?)

The concept of using body heat as an energy resource is not exactly a new technology. Infact it has been around since the 1980, when Seiko sold 500 of its limited edition Seiko Thermic watches which sold out in just a few months. The PowerWatch will be the first wearable to be powered entirely by warmth, thanks to what the company calls the world’s lowest-power-consuming microprocessor, developed Ambiq Micro, a third-party manufacturer. According to founder of Matrix Industries, Akram Boukai, earlier processors were just too power-hungry to be effective.

MATRIX PowerWatch
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In all honesty though, in terms of being a legit smartwatch, the MATRIX PowerWatch is not up to par with something like Android Wear, but nonetheless has some cool features. For starters, it is a great activity tracker. The device can keep a record of your step count, calories burned and sleep. The watch also features some “micro-applications”, which include a stopwatch, a timer, music controls and more.

In terms of smartwatches, this is pretty basic, but you do get some benefits, plus you get an almost infinite battery life.

Want to get your hands on one of these? Well you can head on over to Indegogo where the early bird special is still available. From there you can put your name to a MATRIX PowerWatch by backing the campaign for a little as $129. The only downside is you will have to wait until September 2017 for it to ship.

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