Uber Now Takes Cash In Sri Lanka. Meet Uber Cash


We admit, we like the concept of Uber. It’s fast, simple, and the fact that you can pay via credit/debit cards is the icing on the cake. Nonetheless, there are some who consider cash payments to be the dominant payment option when it comes to these types of things or even people who are reluctant to give their personal information such as name and credit/debit card details to an unseen face lest they be victims of credit card fraud. On the other hand, you might not have access to a credit or debit card or too young to own one. Here’s where Uber’s big announcement comes in. Uber now supports Uber Cash In Sri Lanka.

What Is Uber Cash?

Simply put, Uber Cash allows you to pay for your Uber ride with cash or your credit/debit card. So now you can get an Uber ride, without having to worry about giving away your credit or debit card details if you are still afraid of doing so.

Uber Cash
Image Credits: Uber

Bhavik Rathod, General Manager – South & West, India & Sri Lanka, Uber, expressing his views, stated that cash remains a dominant payment option especially in emerging economies. He shared with us that Uber Cash was an experiment in Hyderabad last year and it was an extremely successful one. This resulted in the roll out of this option in several other cities around the world. Colombo, he noted was the 131st city to offer this option. By enabling cash payments for rides, Uber is essentially creating a clever path to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and fast-evolving consumer base.

Uber Cash
Image taken from: http://www.fonearena.com

This was no overnight success story though. The folks over at Uber’s product and engineering departments have worked tirelessly over the last year and half to craft and perfect a seamless cash payment experience, thus Uber Cash was born. Hyderabad was the first test subject for this experiment followed by Nairobi. Today after testing it in 130 cities, it’s here in Colombo.

You will have access to all the current Uber features and more when it comes to paying for their ride. You simply need to choose the CASH payment option, take a ride and pay their driver directly in cash at the end of the trip. You might not immediately see the option as the feature will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.


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