Memories from TweetupSL 4


After months of anticipation, on December 7th the event which tweeps from all over Sri Lanka had been waiting for finally happened at the open grounds of the Mercantile Cricket Association. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about #TweetupSL  4!


For those of you who aren’t tweeps – aka twitter users and are asking, “What the heck is TweetupSL?” here’s your answer. Alright, now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look back at what happened at TweetupSL 4, but first here’s a shout out to the awesome organizing committee that made TweetupSL 4 possible.


TweetupSL as you know by now is an event that’s been growing year by year, which means that managing and also financing the event is becoming tougher, which is why for TweetupSL 4, the organizing committee setup a few requirements this time around.


The purpose of these requirements was to ensure that the active tweeps of Sri Lanka who would benefit the most from the event would be there, because as we just said, it was becoming tougher to manage and finance it. Though anyone not meeting the requirements was given a chance to explain why they wanted to be at TweetupSL.

So after the requirements were set in place, how big was this year you ask?


For comparison TweetupSL 3 attracted 650 tweeps! Yup, that’s right. TweetupSL was once again even bigger than last time. Now let’s take a look at all the interesting stuff that occurred at TweetupSL 4.

The day kicked off with registrations, which was originally planned for 12.30pm, but since tweeps started queuing up a bit earlier than expected, registrations accordingly started earlier at 12.00pm. Despite the early start, it didn’t necessarily result in an early end to registrations, which was still on-going at 2pm.

While registrations were happening and the early birds were changing into the official TweetUpSL 4 tshirts, a few sponsors were setting up their stalls. Except IMCD’s initiative, Needy Readers because they arrived a lot earlier and had already set up their stall for the #5000Smiles campaign, which was aimed at getting old/new books from tweeps which will be handed over to brighten the lives of underprivileged children.

So how did the #5000Smiles campaign go? Here’s the answer you’ll get from Needy Readers.


Pat yourselves on the back tweeps for a good job, and if you have any more books, message Needy Readers, they’re always accepting donations, because the campaign to bring smiles to children never stops.

Later on, at around 1pm, Water with a Difference had setup their photo-booth where tweeps could #MeetSnuggly (@SnugglyW)and were showing their amazing creativity posing for pictures throughout the entire event. How crazy can tweeps get? Just check out the official album and see for yourself here. Oh, did we mention that we are giving away prizes to the tweeps (excluding us of course) in the most creative picture? Yup we just did, so head over to the album and ask your friends to drop those likes in truckloads on your pictures.

Refreshments? Yes, PrimaKottumee was giving away 1 free cup of noodles to all the tweeps in attendance, and on top of that Elephant House was serving drinks along with a few short eats.

Around 2pm, while registrations were still underway, Muhamad Nasir took the stage (technically it was the area near the seats of the ground but let’s call it the stage for simplicity) to announce that the 1st game of the day: Musical chairs. Gail Bandara soon followed taking the stage to introduce ‘Water with a Difference’ and the awesome work they do. In case you missed it or want to find out more, you can do so here.

When Gail was done, Dialog came to announce the a special award of the day – the digital marketer of the year, where the tweeps were asked to tweet their nominations, with the winner to be announced at the awards ceremony. Following the announcement, one of the biggest traditions of TweetupSL, the official cakes, which were made by long time sponsor, Coco Veranda, were unveiled. Yes, that’s right! this year TweetupSL had not one but TWO official cakes, both of which used Coco’s most popular cake as a base: Death by Chocolate aka #DBC.

After the unveiling, the founders of TweetupSL, Lasantha David, Udara Dharmasena, and Moshanthi S, were the 1st to grab a taste. The rest of the tweeps had to wait till Coco’s representative had cut the cake. And in the blink of an eye the cakes just disappeared, eaten to the point that not even the icing remained.


Then came the 3rd game of the day – the paper dance, which involved teams, mostly couples dancing with both feet, on newspapers with the papers shrinking gradually. As the papers kept shrinking, the difficulty for the teams was increasing; eventually the papers had shrunk to the point where only one person could stand on them. Did that result in all the teams getting disqualified? Nope, because tweeps are creative people that figured that they’ll carry their partners and dance. The move was definitely risky but thankfully no one was hurt.


Following the paper dance, things started getting interesting. Uhmm.. it was the balloon dance which involved the teams dancing with a balloon in-between them that shouldn’t be dropped to avoid disqualification.


After some fun-filled moments, all the tweeps were asked to sit down near the stage for a quiz about the local twitterverse, which involved our own genie, Enosh Praveen using the powers of his magical NFC cards, to give some lucky tweeps that gave the correct answers, to win mouth watering offers from Coco Veranda.

Talking about Coco, a few moments were taken to honour the memory of Sarath Sathiamoorthy, another important founder that was of great help to TweetupSL who sadly passed away earlier this year with a moment of silence being observed and a tribute being handed over to Sarath’s wife Roshini by the TweetupSL organizing committee. This was followed by a few well-known tweeps, such as: @NotJagath, Ayesha Hettiarachi, and the first ever Mr. Tweep, Thameera Senanayaka, taking the stage to give a few words to the tweeps that were gathered.

Then came the Noodle Race – which involves one team member holding a cup of Prima Noodles and feeding the other team member, the goal being to finish first. Here’s an awesome video by @Afzaal_1994 on what the game was like! 

Finally, finally, finally the much anticipated TweetupSL 4 awards had began. Who were the lucky winners that won the prestigious titles this year? Here’s the list:


Instagramoholic of the year

Most controversial tweep

Sportaholic tweep of the year

Twitter news breaker which was issued by 2 representatives from the US Embassy


The representatives of the US Embassy also announced that they’ll be launching a course on social media for people such as your grandparents that aren’t social media savvy; if you’re interested keep an eye on the US Embassy’s twitter page.

The awards ceremony took a break at this point because the organizing committee wanted to hand over a cheque of Rs. 50,000 over to water wither a difference, which was raised once again, thanks to the awesome efforts of the tweeps at TweetupSL 4. Awesome job tweeps! And then the awards resumed.


Most helpful tweep of the year

Funniest tweep of the year

Hastagaholic of the year

Twitterholic of the year

Tech tweep of the year

Foodie tweep of the year

Mr. Tweep of the year

Ms. Tweep of the year


After the last award had been handed out, TweetupSL 4 had officially reached it’s conclusion, well almost, there was our shockingly short surprise where we were giving out two free iPod shuffles to the lucky tweeps that found our logo behind the labels on the water with a difference water bottles. Seriously guys, how the heck did you find them so quickly?!


Well there it is folks, the entire trip through TweetupSL 4 memory lane. Once again, awesome job by the organizing committee and the hard working volunteers, which made the event a success. Tweeps it was awesome seeing you guys, will you be at TweetupSL 5 next year? We hope so because we definitely will be!




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