Microimage HCM Cloud Featured by Microsoft in Singapore


What began over 20 years ago is now making waves in the international scene as well. What are we talking about? Well, that would be Microimage. Originally the brainchild of 5 friends with a passion for computing, Microimage actually started off as the Microimage hobbyists Club in Ananda College. Since then, Microimage has gone on to become a multinational company known for being a provider of HR systems.

Microimage HCM Cloud
Photo credits: Microimage Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Then came Microimage HCM Cloud

Microimage’s bread and butter, Microimage HCM Cloud was launched in 2016. This was seen by many as the answer to an HR Department’s worst nightmares. Microimage HCM cloud was the stepping stone for companies to transition from the usual HR model to a more digital environment.

Microimage HCM Cloud consists of a number of elements such as a mobile app, analytics and social collaboration tools and a lot more. All these are put in place to improve the efficiency and productivity of employees while also making the work in a company’s HR department much easier.

Harsha Purasinghe CEO of Microimage introducing Microimage HCM Cloud
Harsha Purasinghe CEO of Microimage introducing Microimage HCM Cloud

From opening up a new R&D center in Jaffna in March 2017, Microimage’s next milestone was in August 2017. Here, Microimage Australia, the Australian arm of the company signed a strategic alliance with Businessary Pty Ltd. The alliance would essentially allow smaller clientele of Businessary to utilize the potential of Microimage HCM Cloud. This was previously unavailable to their clients due to pricing and customization costs.

Towards more opportunities

Recently, Microimage was chosen by Microsoft to be featured at its newly opened industry zone at the APAC (Asia Pacific) Technology Center, located in Singapore. The new facility would allow customers and partners to experience practical real-world solutions that control their digital transformation across different industry verticals.

Microimage HCM Cloud
From left: Andrea Della Mattea (President Asia Pacific Microsoft), Harsha Purasinghe (CEO – Microimage), Michelle Simmons (General Manager South East Asia New Markets Microsoft), Pratima Amonkar (APAC Area Lead Cloud ISV Microsoft)

Harsha Purasinge, CEO of Microimage HCM explained that “We are delighted to be chosen by Microsoft to showcase our Digital HR vision with all visiting customers and partners from across the APAC region. This is a significant opportunity for us to showcase our solution in this flagship facility and we look forward to working closely with Microsoft MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) team towards helping customers to achieve their digital transformation journey.

What does Microsoft’s new facility offer?

All clients and partners who visit can explore the latest innovations in digital and make use of the required industry expert advice for improving their journey towards digital transformation. Featured under the Modern Workplace Zone, Microimage HCM cloud would allow clients to explore HCM Cloud’s CoreHCM to Talent Management modules to find the right fit solution to build a digital HR organization.

In addition, Microimage HCM Cloud would also showcase how organizations can improve engagement and vastly improve their service delivery with the solution’s latest mobile app features and newly unveiled conversational BoT technology. If you’re a C-level executive, then you would also have the ability to go through how talent analytics and smart search capabilities will allow you to take timely and accurate talent management decisions.

If you’re interested in Microimage and their products, you can click here to learn more.


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