Microimage opens a new R&D Centre in Jaffna


Founded in the mid 90’s by a group of high school students, Microimage is one of the most memorable high school start-up story in Sri Lanka to date. Initially a hobbyists’ club, the success of the company was further seen at the launch of their initial local language software product. Based in Colombo as a simple desktop language software provider, today Microimage has transformed into a group of companies with business interests in Human Capital Management, Broadcast, Media, Mobile & Digital Convergence.

The company recently opened up an R&D center in Jaffna with the intention of extending their presence to the northern peninsula. As such, this would enable existing Microimage engineers hailing from Jaffna to work from their home front and also to attract new business ventures.

Their latest product, the HCM Cloud is considered one of the top pure play cloud digital HR solutions available in the global market today. In addition, they also have a broadcast product release titled mStudio 3. This enables broadcasters & media entertainment personalities to deliver a complete digital audio/video experience combining effective social sharing capabilities with mobile apps extending the reach of engagement.

The opening ceremony was graced by senior faculty members of Department of Computer Science at the University of Jaffna and Vavuniya Campus. In a speech, Dr. Thabotharan Kathiravelu, representing Faculty of Computer Science, University of Jaffna praised Microimage for their timing in opening an R&D center in Jaffna as it is the ideal opportunity for the students at the University to obtain a 6 month internships to learn the ropes in the industry. This also marks the second reputed software company to be in Jaffna, the first being WSO2 (though technically it’s a Middleware provider).

The opening ceremony of Microimage’s R&D center in Jaffna

With the opening of R&D centre in Jaffna, Microimage now has three operating locations in the Asian region including Colombo and Kuala Lumpur. The Jaffna centre will focus on research and development for all core product lines of Microimage such as Human Capital Management, Broadcast, Media & Mobile. The team of engineers will engage in R&D for a variety of technologies such as cloud computing, mobile, analytics, machine learning to other emerging digital technologies.

The new work space is expected to bring together top engineers from Jaffna under one roof & also engineers working in other offices to collaboratively work on new technologies to excel Microimage’s products to greater heights. The office located in Palali road close to city centre can house around 25 engineers currently. It also has accommodation facility up to 4 engineers travelling from Colombo to work on R&D activities collaboratively with their Jaffna counterparts.

“I am absolutely thrilled to see another dream realised with the opening of our Jaffna R&D centre” – Harsha Purasinghe

The opening of the centre would also pave the way to establish strong relationships with academic institutions in northern peninsula towards knowledge sharing on a range of modern technologies and to provide internship opportunities for top young talent”

Duxion Murugesu, Head of Broadcast Solutions at Microimage expressed his delight at establishing an R&D centre on his home soil. During the initial stages of his career, Duxion had to move to Colombo to find an opportunity due the situation in the north. But today, engineers from Jaffna peninsula can contribute towards building cutting edge products & solutions while working from their home soil.

Micro image’s purpose is to “Continuously innovate in its chosen domains to build products and services which positively impacts the world”. The company is poised to pursue this by empowering and fostering a unique team of minds to develop best in class Enterprise Software solutions, leveraging futuristic technology.


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