Microimage’s CEO Becomes An Eisenhower Fellow This Year


TL;DR: Harsha Purasinghe, CEO and founder of Microimage – a company we’ve talked about extensively in the past – has just join the ranks of the 2,000-odd elite global network of men and women who make up the Eisenhower Fellows.

The Eisenhower Fellowships, a private organization, began life in 1953 when a few leading citizens decided to the honor Dwight D. Eisenhower for all he’d done for the Unites States (and for the world as a whole). Each year, they select between 20 and 25 professionals – usually mid-career individuals with some remarkable contributions under their belt, and bring them together, as Eisenhower Fellows, into a five to seven week program spanning diverse fields.

Harsha Purasinghe has been selected for the Eisenhower Fellowship’s very first Innovation Program. Each of the 21 Innovator Fellows will bring to the table a groundbreaking project, policy or product that they’ll work on. They’ve got quite a list  an online education platform for healthcare journalists in Eastern Europe; a reality TV competition featuring entrepreneurs in Peru; a social enterprise incubator in Sri Lanka; an interdisciplinary innovation center in Europe; an art for social impact project in Northern Ireland; a creativity incubator in Jordan; and mobile-based STEM education for Saudi youth” are some of what the EF quotes.  You can guess which one is his.

It’s indeed a remarkable achievement, and just one of many in what’ll undoubtedly be a very interested career to watch.


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