The Micromax Canvas 2: Is It Truly Unbreakable?


We’re always on the lookout for good deals when it comes to smartphones. Actually, everyone is pretty much all ears for any good deal on a phone. That’s when we discovered the Micromax Canvas 2 2017. Priced at LKR 20,000/- and available at any Micromax authorized resellers around the country. If you can’t seem to find any, simply head over to the nearest Metropolitan Telecom Service center.

Say hello to the Micromax Canvas 2

The packaging

We were actually impressed with the packaging of the Micromax Canvas 2 2017. The outer box has a nice design of a hand grasping the phone on the front along with the specifications of the phone at the back. One interesting thing we also noted was that Micromax offers a one-time free accidental repair or replacement of the display within the warranty period. This means that if you do damage the display on your Micromax Canvas 2, the company will repair or replace it free of charge.

Micromax Canvas 2
The packaging contents of the Micromax Canvas 2

Once you slide out the outer box, the inner box is again furnished in matte black with the Micromax logo in orange. Pay attention to the seal on bottom of the box as this allows you to confirm that the box and contents are indeed sealed from the manufacturer and that you are getting a brand new unit.

Inside, you will find the Micromax Canvas 2 wrapped in a polythene cover. Under that you find the standard accessories such as a charger, USB/Charging cable, earphones, and of course plenty of reading material (in case you’re bored and have nothing else to read). Included was also a Mobitel pre-paid SIM card which was a nice touch.

Hands on with the Micromax Canvas 2

The first thing you notice when look at the Micromax Canvas 2 is that it does have a certain finish to it. The body of the phone is fully black with no logos or similar on the front. Measuring 5.68 x 2.79 x 0.33inches, the device weighs around 160g.

Micromax Canvas 2The Micromax Canvas 2 sports a 5” IPC LCD display with a resolution of 1280*720. It supports multi touch and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Located at the top of the device you will find the 3.5mm audio connector and also the microUSB port for charging the device and also for transferring data.

Micromax Canvas 2Moving along to the right side of the device you will find the volume rocker and the power/lock button. Acting as both the home button and the fingerprint sensor is a button located at the bottom of the display. It actually looks like a cross between a Oneplus Three and an Apple iPhone.

Micromax Canvas 2The bottom of the Micromax Canvas 2 holds what looks like stereo speakers on the left and right, but in reality its one speaker on the left side of the phone. The speaker is pretty run of the mill. So it’s not too loud, but then again it’s not exactly a high fidelity speaker either. It has just about the right balance of both. Located at the back of the phone is the 13MP camera along with the LED flash. We’ll talk about the camera a bit later on in this review.

Micromax Canvas 2

The hardware

Powering the Micromax Canvas 2 is a Quad-core 1.3Gz Cortex A53 processor backed up by 3GB of RAM. At that price, getting 3GB of RAM is actually a bargain as most devices would either have 1 or 2GB of RAM. If you want to use two SIM cards, you can do so. You can even have one SIM dedicated to voice calls, and one SIM for Data such as streaming and data intensive applications. In terms of internal storage, you get 16GB which is expandable to upto 64GB via MicroSD.

Micromax Canvas 2
Gaming on the Micromax Canvas 2 is not mind blowing, but gets the job done.

To handle all your graphical needs, the Micromax Canvas 2 comes with a Mali-T720. While not being a high end graphics chip, the Mali chip is able to handle your day to day needs and also a decent bit of gaming as well. In fact, the phone comes with Asphalt Nitro and Monster Truck, two moderately popular Android games as well.

Android Nougat with a touch of Micromax

The Micromax Canvas 2 2017 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box. The software is a mixture of both Vanilla Android and a few of Micromax’s own touches. For example, while swiping down from the notification pane gives you access to quick shortcuts from the Android operating system, the same if not similar functionality can be seen by swiping up from the home button.

Micromax Canvas 2

In terms of apps, Micromax gives their own apps along with the standard Google apps so it’s not entirely vanilla android. That being said, Micromax have implemented some pretty cool features into the Micromax Canvas 2. For example, swiping right launches an experience similar to Google Feed.

Micromax Canvas 2
The Google Feed-ish experience (Left) and the App store (Right)

You can customize your feed to show you details such as news, nearby hotels and discounts, and the train schedule. It even has Uber integration and a built in wallet app as well. The wallet app (Udio Wallet) makes use of the M! account which is Micromax’s own account.

Using the Micromax Canvas 2

Using the app, you can recharge your mobile, data and event DTH (Dish to home) connection as well. While all this sounds cool, unfortunately, it is only available in India. They have also integrated their own music app called Wynk which allows you to download unlimited songs (the songs are mostly Hindi but there are is international content as well). Other apps include Airtel Movies, an Amazon app, an Airtel app and it even has Uber built in.

Micromax Canvas 2
You can tune the inbuilt EQ to exactly how you want your songs to be heard.

Opening and switching between apps is actually pretty smooth thanks to the 3GB of RAM and after a while you forget that you’re using a LKR 20,000 device because it feels like a more premium device. Where you do notice the difference is with the screen.

As we said earlier, the resolution of the screen is 1280*720. While this is enough for average use, if you look closely at the screen, you start to notice the pixilation and the overall quality of the display itself. Then again, I’m comparing it to my Oneplus Two which has both a higher resolution and higher DPI display.

You also get multiple music players that are together capable of playing almost any audio file format available out there. If there is still a format which is unplayable, you’re pretty sure to find and app on the Google Play store for it.

The Camera

As we also stated, the Micromax Canvas 2 packs a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The rear camera has an f/2.0 aperture with an autofocus feature. It is also able to record 1080P video at 28FPS. The front camera too has an f2/2.0 aperture and can record video at a resolution of 640*480.

Micromax Canvas 2Images captured by the camera of the Micromax Canvas 2 are clear but don’t expect ultrarealistic photo quality. After all, this is a budget smartphone. If you’re looking to snap a pic now and then, the camera will do nicely. The camera app has a number of modes such as Bokeh, Beauty and Panorama. It also has face detection, which again is pretty cool.

Micromax Canvas 2Video recording and playback depend a lot on the lighting so if the environment is dark, expect the video to be dark as well.


By now, you probably know that we use Antutu and GeekBench as our primary benchmarking tools. They push the device to its extreme and give you real world results which you can compare with other phone models.

Micromax Canvas 2 Benchmarks
The benchmarks are in

First off, racking up a score of 29408, the Micromax Canvas 2 is ranked pretty low in terms of performance but then again, given the fact that the phone above it is a Meizu Pro 6 Plus, this is nothing to worry about too much as the Meizu is a flagship device.

Similarly, with GeekBench, even though the Canvas 2 ranks at the bottom, it’s not exactly a flagship device. Rather, it’s a smartphone for budget oriented people, so the benchmarks wouldn’t really make a difference.


Overall, if you’re on the lookout for a Sub LKR 20,000 smartphone, go ahead and give the Micromax Canvas 2 2017 a shot. It has a 3050mAh battery which means that it would last the entire day and has 3GB of RAM along with it as well. The fingerprint sensor also means that your device’s security is buffed up and prevents unauthorized use. If you do pick one up, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.


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