Microsoft Build 2017: Meet the Fall Creators Update


If Day one of the Microsoft Build 2017 was interesting, then Day Two was downright mind blowing. If you didn’t already know Microsoft Build is an annual conference organized by Microsoft, aimed towards software and web developers who are using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and other related Microsoft technologies. Here’s a recap of some of the cool things that Microsoft unveiled at Day 02.

Say Hello To The Fall Creators Update

With Microsoft’s Creators Update just released and some of us (such as myself) yet to get it, Microsoft announced the next major update for their Windows 10 Operating System at the Microsoft Build 2017. Called the Fall Creators Update, it is likely to be launched in September of this year. The primary goal of the update is to bring the Windows experience wherever you go, thereby increasing and improving your productivity. This essentially means cross-device work experience. So you can start something on your Windows desktop, then continue it on your Surface Laptop and then finish it off on your Android or iOS smartphone.

A Clipboard that you can take everywhere, literally.

In terms of features the Fall Creators Update will introduce a feature called Clipboard. This is a cloud based app that allows you to copy and paste content from an app on their PC and paste it on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Microsoft Build 2017
Image Credits: The Verge

In addition, Clipboard will also be integrated into Microsoft’s suite of Office apps. This in turn makes it easier to grab content quickly from your phone and paste it into a document that you could be working on at your desktop. I see myself using this feature a lot as I often find myself working on a document on my phone and then switching to my laptop or PC and switching it up.

Working with a timeline

Another feature announced at Microsoft Build 2017 for the Fall Creators Update is Timeline. This essentially displays a timeline of all the tasks you have carried out in the recent past. If you were editing a document a few days ago and want to continue it today, simply open up Timeline and you can pick up where you left off. Speaking of which, “Pick Up Where you left off” is another feature in the fall Creators Update. Based on Cortana, it allows you to continue your work on a number of different devices such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

Image Credits: Windows Central
Image Credits: Windows Central

A More “Fluent Design System”

Previously called Project Neon, this is a host of changes to the design for Windows 10. Microsoft had been teasing these for a while but now it’s official. Most of the changes include additions such as blur effects, something we was back in the days of Windows Vista.

As such, Microsoft is focusing on light, depth, motion, material, and scale for its Fluent Design, with slight changes that make the design feel like it’s moving during interactions in Windows. Think of Fluent Design System as the successor to Microsoft’s Metro design and as such will make an appearance across apps and services on Windows, iOS, and Android. Some of these design changes are already available in new updates to the existing Windows 10 apps and it’s likely that more will appear when Microsoft gets ready to launch the fall Creators Update.

Windows Story Remix

Another addition to the Fall Creators Update is what Microsoft calls the Windows Story Remix. This is an application for editing photos and videos. Sounds familiar right? Well, you can also add soundtracks, annotations, transitions and special effects. That’s not all though. You can even add 3D objects to your photos and videos to view in mixed or augmented reality. Furthermore, Windows Story remix also supports Windows Ink so you can write on photos and videos and add that personal touch with ease.

iTunes: Coming soon to a Windows Store near you

Yes, you read that right. Apple’s iTunes and the Apple Music streaming service will make an appearance on the Windows Store sometime later this year. True enough, iTunes is available for Windows but with Windows 10 S and their app restrictions, users would be hard-pressed to use their iOS devices with a Surface Laptop. This alleviates all those problems.


Well, there you have it. The cool things announced at day 02 of Microsoft Build 2017. Got anything more to add? Leave a comment in the section below.


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