Microsoft is organizing a competition to celebrate Solitaire’s 25th Anniversary


If you’re a hardcore solitaire fan, then this is your time to shine.

Solitaire, the Procrastination sensation made popular by Microsoft turns 25 this year. As a method of celebration, the company is it in a rather unusual way. A global solitaire tournament to find the best solitaire players.

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It kicked off yesterday 18th, with a competition among all Microsoft employees. Starting from the 5th of June, the winners from Microsoft will head off against public players in a 25th Anniversary Tournament hosted within the game.

As for gameplay, Players will have the choice to compete in five variations of the game. This includes modes such as FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, Pyramid and, of course, Klondike Solitaire, which is the classic solitaire version.

We suspect that Microsoft is using this tournament as a method to boost the game with the impending launch of Windows 10. With While Windows 8.1, users were required to download the apps via the Windows Store. With Windows 10 however, the classic card game will once more be pre-installed with the OS it is launched later this year.

Details are still cloudy at best for now. For example, there are no details on exactly how the players will actually compete or even as to how winners will be determined. There is also no clear answer if there are actual prizes awarded to the winners of this competition either. If Microsoft plans to make this happen, they better start planning immediately.

After all, not everyone can boast that they took part and even went to the extent of winning a Solitaire compunction organized by Microsoft now can they?


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