Microsoft Plans To Make Bing A More “Mobile-friendly” Search Engine


Let’s face it. No one really uses Bing to search for stuff these days. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft. They have recently announced that their Bing search engine will be under a bit of maintenance in order to give more prominence to mobile-friendly websites, as they seem to be gaining popularity with smartphones and other mobile devices.

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Interestingly, this is right after its competitor Google announced a similar course of action. What this means of course is that website handlers, advertisers and those involved in SEO will have their work cut out for them in order to get with the updated programme.

According to Shyam Jayasankar, a program manager at Microsoft, the company observed mobile users satisfying their need for information significantly faster when presented with mobile-friendly results. As such the company plans to roll out optimization for mobile results to help increase ranking.

Jayasankar also added that with regard to mobile searches on Bing, one can expect the most relevant results for a search ranked higher than others, even if they’re not completely mobile friendly.

Pages though being relevant to a search will not be subject to penalty for not being mobile friendly even though mobile-friendly pages get a boost.

The changes will be carried out within the coming months.


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