A mid-range Pixel smartphone might be coming


It was originally expected last year. However, the only phone we saw Google launch was the Pixel 2, which is a far cry from being a budget phone. However, according to the Economic Times, it looks like Google is working on releasing a mid-range Pixel smartphone. This mid-range Pixel is said to be aimed at markets like India and is expected to arrive in July or August.

A mid-range Pixel smartphone is possible
A mid-range Pixel smartphone is possibly on the horizon (Image credits: Gits4u)

Alongside this mid-range Pixel smartphone, the publication also stated that Google will be introducing other devices as well. This includes its Google Home speakers, Nest devices, and premium Pixelbook laptop. Besides launching new devices, Google is also aiming to expand its distribution network in India.

But how much would they cost?  The Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers are expected to be priced at 9,999 and 4,499. This would put them in the same price range as Amazon’s Echo speakers. Alas, there was no word on how much a mid-range Pixel smartphone might be priced at.

It’s been too long since we had a good mid-range Android phone

When Google first unveiled the Pixel everyone was blown away. Besides offering pure Android with no bloatware and flagship specs, it had the best camera in the world. Google continued that trend with the Pixel 2, with its camera only being defeated now with the arrival of the Huawei P20 Pro. The Pixel line-up features amazing flagship phones.

A mid-range Pixel smartphone might be coming 3
Google’s Nexus lineup was famous for amazing mid-range smartphones (Image credits: The Verge)

Alas, that’s not what Google was once known for. Back in the day, it’s Nexus line-up was famously known as the Android phones that offered the greatest value for money. Mid-range prices with flagship specs. Every year, when we saw the new features of Android being unveiled at Google I/O, we were excited. Why? Because we knew that the Nexus phones we had would get them first.

But then after the Nexus 5, Google began to aggressively challenge Apple. It wanted to create the iPhone killer. The first such phone was the Nexus 6P. When we saw the specs, we were in love. When we saw the camera, we were in awe. But when we saw the price, we were crying.

We expected OnePlus to fill the void left by the death of the Nexus but that didn't happen (Image credits: Gadgets I Want)
We expected OnePlus to fill the void left by the death of the Nexus but that didn’t happen (Image credits: Gadgets I Want)

This was a high-end Nexus phone with a price to match. Soon after we saw the arrival of the Pixels. They were a statement from Google. One that said the company was going into the territory of high-end flagship phones. Thus, those of us who admired mid-range phones with killer specs turned to OnePlus.

The original OnePlus One was the flagship killer. And for a long time, we expected OnePlus to fill the void left by the death of the Nexus. Alas, after the OnePlus 3, it too started following in Google’s footsteps. Onward it went to the arena of high-end flagship phones with prices to match.

That brings us to the sad modern times

Today, there is a clear void in the mid-range smartphone market. While there are certain good phones if you look carefully enough. Few if any have lived up to the benchmark set by the Nexus line-up. That’s why the news of a flagship Pixel phone is exciting.

After all, if anyone can design a great mid-range Android smartphone, it’s Google because they’ve already done it numerous times. So we can only hope that the reports are true. That come July, we will see a mid-range Pixel smartphone. One offering killer specs and the mind-blowing cameras.

If those hopes turn out to be true, then we only have one response to Google, “Just shut the f*** up and take our money. Just take it.”

Do you want to see a mid-range Pixel smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.


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