Mind reading Pizza Hut Menus, Orion, The Game Awards and 64-bit YouTube



Pizza Hut introduces a mind reading menu

Whenever the entire ReadMe team meets to eat, we tend to stuff ourselves to say the least. However before that we tend to spend a decent 10-15 minutes deciding what to stuff ourselves with and it looks like we are not the only ones. Recently Pizza Hut partnered with Tobii eye experience to build a new menu that solves this problem.

So how does it work? Well the menu itself is an app that runs on a tablet. As you look at the different toppings you can put on a pizza the system tracks your eye movements identifies what you want. A few seconds later, voila! You got a recommendation.

NASA brings us one step closer to Mars with Orion

After a few delays thanks to the weather, a boat and a malfunctioning valve NASA finally commenced flight testing it’s new spacecraft: The Orion. Unlike the Antares Rocket which exploded with a big bang, The Orion safely splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at the end of it’s test flight. During the 4 hour long test flight, The Orion looped around the Earth twice and reached an altitude of 3600 miles which is the highest point a spacecraft has gone to in decades.

Photo credits: NASA
Photo credits: NASA

So what happens next? More testing since spaceflight is risky business. The Orion is designed to allow us to reach the Moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt.  However those missions won’t take place till 2021 at the earliest. With this successful test looks like we are one schedule.

The Game Awards ended

This morning the 1st ever Game Awards happened. For those of who don’t know, The Game Awards is where the video game industry gathers in Las Vegas to celebrate the best in gaming this year. It’s also a place to debut trailers for upcoming titles such as Metal Gear Online and the new Legend of Zelda. In case you missed it here’s the full show from start to finish. Thank you YouTube.

If you don’t want to watch the show and just want to know who won, here’s the list:

  • Game of the Year: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Best performance: Trey Parker, South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Best online experience: Destiny
  • Best score: Destiny
  • Trending Gamer: Total Biscuit
  • Composition Award: Martin O’Donnell
  • Best mobile game: Hearthstone
  • Best fighting game: Smash Bros Wii U
  • Developer of the year: Nintendo
  • Best eSports: Matthew ‘NaDeSHoT’ Haag
  • Best sports or racing game: Mario Kart
  • Best shooter: Far Cry 4
  • Game for change: Valiant Hearts
  • Best narrative: Valiant Hearts
  • Best Indie Game: Shovel Knight


YouTube upgrades to 64-bit


Even though it’s 2014 Gangnam style’s popularity still lives on. Just ask all the car dealerships having a sale and blasting it on speakers or simply YouTube. Recently YouTube was forced to upgrade it’s view counter from 32-bit to 64-bit because Gangnam style exceeded 2,147,483,647 views (that’s over 2 billion). So what’s the maximum view count now? It’s 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 or 9 quintillion in simple terms.



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