Reborn MJ, Unsung Conflict and Nirmal Silva’s debut


Micheal Jackson shoulda been here, because Shehan Ekanayake from APIIT just pulled off almost his entire moveset – including a moonwalk – without his nose falling off. That gets more applause from the audience than the rest of the acts put together. The compere is practically screamed off the stage and Unsung Conflict, screamed on by sheer demand. We sit back and wait for the rock-and-metal mashups inevitably headed our way….

Unfortunately, the vocalist’s Green Day-esque vocals alternate between too loud and indistinct, although the guitarwork is top-notch.We’d have enjoyed this performance much better if it was just the music. Oh no. He’s turned off the lights and is flashing a flashlight in our faces. We were very much impressed by Unsung Conflict during the auditions, but not so much this time.

Now Nirmal Silva, University of Moratuwa, takes the stage, his mellow voice a welcome relief to the ears. Soft Hindi, flowing onto Sinhala. He’s come a long way since the auditions. His voice is good, and considering it’s his first concert performance, he’s superb.

Reborn MJ, Unsung Conflict  and Nirmal Silva's debut 13


  1. alright thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity play at the tantalize 2012 but please i would like to comment behalf of my lead vocalist….he did his best…we wanted to show some stage presence…..if u want to please look at some green day videos as they always do…..we tried our best and please respect that with out blaming so much…. so much e disappointing on the comments you have made on that…….


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