Mobitel 4.5G Is Now Gearing Up For Customers


Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel became the first Telecommunication provider to roll out the 4.5G network to the industry. The initiative by Mobitel would enhance the user experience for its customers.

What does 4.5G mean to Mobitel Customers?

Essentially, Mobitel 4.5G customers can now make use more bandwidth improved data speeds to experience a higher data speeds when compared to regular 4G speeds. As such, if you’re a Mobitel user, you can see an increase in both your browsing speeds and your internet speeds as well.

Mobitel 4.5G
Image Credits: Daily News

If you’re an Enterprise client, you can utilize the improved speeds of Mobitel 4.5G network for Mobitel Enterprise Solutions, catering to the growing demand in the corporate sector for customized solutions.

How does Mobitel 4.5G work?

Using Carrier Aggregation Technology that essentially combines the spectrums of 900Mhz, 1800Mhz and 2100Mhz, Mobitel is able to add more frequencies to result in more bandwidth. This essentially means that you have an enhancement in data.

In addition, because Mobitel 4.5G used upgraded 4×4 MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output), there is greater signal strength than previous signals because through the use of more antennae (multiple inputs), the signal is more powerful and stable (multiple outputs) for every user. Although this depends on the geography of the location. Finally, Mobitel has accelerated its QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) from 64 to 256. If this doesn’t help, it basically means that you get increased data speeds.

Mobitel 4.5G
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4.5G will act as a bridge for the eventual adoption of the 5G standard while bringing noticeable improvements to Mobitel’s existing 4G networks by allowing them to handle more data-intensive applications. Since Mobitel demonstrated 4.5G speeds at the 2017 Techno Exhibition, their customers have been expecting the launch of its 4.5G network to enjoy a unique user experience.


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