Mobitel’s Hackathon – Day One: The Live Blog


Good morning folks. We’re coming to you live from Mobitel’s Hackathon held at Mobitel’s own Innovation Centre at Trace Expert City in Maradana.

As soon as you walk in to the hall, you are greeted by a blast of cool air courtesy of the A/C. Speaking of air, the air inside the Centre is a mixture of excitement with a dash of tension thrown in.

The final adjustments are being carried out. People clad in Mobitel T-shirts hustle about laying out various equipment and hardware which will either be on display or be used by the teams if necessary.

12 teams have been selected and they have been given their own workspace complete with internet access and power for them to carry out their development. As for now, they are still in the process of gathering their members and those members present are huddled together discussing last minute strategies on how exactly the next 36 hours will go.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you the updates as and when it happens.



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