Mobitel’s Hackathon – Day Two: The Live Blog


Top of the morning to you folks. We are back again at Mobitel’s Innovation Centre for Day 02 of Hackathon 2015 organized by Mobitel. Held at Trace Expert City in Maradana, the event is a 36 hour hackathon culminating in a presentation and an award ceremony incorporated into Google I/O Extended 2015.

12 teams have been selected out of an initial pool of 60 which was then brought down to 30. Over the last 25 hours, these 12 teams have only been fuelled by their thirst to win, and of course a whole vending machine full of carbonated drinks, the teams work diligently to make their ideas a reality. \

© ReadMe | Malshan Gunawardane

Just a few hours remain and tensions are running a bit on the high side. Each team’s workstation is littered with various hardware such as sensors and cables. A few team members have ditched attempts at regular seating and are seated on the carpeted floor, or else have commandeered a few of the bean bags that litter the Centre and proceed to carry out their work from there.

As we always say, stay tuned as we bring you the latest happenings here at Hackathon 2015 powered by 2015.



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