Mora Ventures 3.0 : Hype is on for the Grand Finale


Mora Ventures 3.0. What is that, you wonder? It’s nothing more than the third segment of the entrepreneurship competition held in the University of Moratuwa. Organized by the university’s Entrepreneurship Society, this is more than a hackathon. Their focus is not limited to just tech startups, but all other business ideas, social innovations and products as well.

Mora Ventures is a long term programme for entrepreneurs with a continuous follow up mechanism that makes it more than just a pitching event. It aims to help selected startups in reaching USD 1 Million in value by the end of 2018. The ultimate goal is to discover Sri Lanka’s first USD 1 Billion Startup (a Unicorn) by the year 2027.

Starting off at Mora Ventures 1.0

Mora ventures
A moment from Mora Ventures 1.0 (Image credits: Mora Ventures)

The pitching challenge that was Mora Ventures 1.0 focused on ideation stage startups. This was held in April 2017. 48 teams took part in this round, who had ideas and products from a wide range of fields from machine learning to food to apparel. Nurone Labs emerged as the winners of Mora ventures 1.0, winning a cash prize of LKR 100,000. Team Universal Solutions and Team Business as Usual emerged as the first and second runners up.

Moving on to Mora Ventures 2.0

Team Hybriteq, the winners of Mora Ventures 2.0
Team Hybriteq, the winners of Mora Ventures 2.0

Mora Ventures 2.0 focused on Prototypes and the building stage.Kicking off on the 19th of June, this phase started off with Leadership training programmes and a number of other useful training programmes as well. The finalists for 2.0 were picked on the 15th of August after a round of mini pitches held on July 2017. Finals were held on the 29th of August 2017, where 9 intrepid teams pitched their products. Team Hybriteq emerged victorious at the end, followed by Team SprintyLabs and Team Wiyaman.

Gearing up for Mora Ventures 3.0

Mora Ventures 3.0, focusing on launch and Growth stage startups, will be held on the 13th of March 2018. 8 teams will be competing. Many local and foreign entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, educators and industry experts will be attending the function as well. The winners of Mora Ventures 2.0, Team Hybriteq, will be speaking about their success as well.

ReadMe will be attending Mora Ventures 3.0, in order to bring you the next batch of innovative ideas. Stay tuned to our twitter and instagram feeds for updates!


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